Holy Crap! I’m Back!!

I realized today that it has been over a year since I have posted anything here on this site and I must say it shocked me, so I figured I should take a minute to update y’all on what has been happening in my life over the last (long) while…

Since I last posted I have moved (yes, again) but I am in a townhouse of my own and have had no issues at all with where I live, (unlike some of the sketchy places in the past). I love my home, and have been here almost 9 months now. I am just getting everything the way I want it and beginning to make it a ‘home’ I have been working on the kids rooms a lot and hoping to tackle some DIY projects in the near future.

I have also applied, and been accepted, to college which I will be starting in September… That is a big step forward in my life, and one that I have been aiming to accomplish for a really long time, so I am pretty excited to get started. I will be taking a Law Clerk course, with an option to upgrade down the road, and I think it is going to be great.

Writing wise… Well, that is where things get iffy.. I participated in Nanowrimo last November and managed to reach the 50,000 word goal, though I have still not gotten around to editing and revising what I wrote. The experience of it was awesome, and it is something that I definitely plan to do again this coming November. Other than that I have been writing over at a few other blogs, and knocking out words when I can. Truthfully my writing has been shifted to the back burner (or was) and I would love to move it back up on the list of life… Hence why I am here…

I was originally thinking of starting a *New* Blog, but I couldn’t just let go of this gem I have here, so instead I have decided to keep writing on this site, but I am going to go through the old posts to clean everything up a bit…

If you have been following along on my insane journey the last few years then I hope you will join me again as I embark on this new set of situations. I will update as often as possible, and as always share my crazy thoughts as they pop into my head. I will, as always, rant and rave and probably offend some, but I will entertain, and enlighten at times I’m sure…   Watch for the new look and new posts!!!

So.. There you have it!

Stay Tuned, cuz this Mad Mama is back by popular demand!!!


Until Next Time