So I Have Gotten A Little Side-Tracked…

Well my “post a day” challenge has fallen apart. Actually it is basically in a million pieces on the floor at the moment. So I figure instead of sitting in denial and driving myself insane with my conceived failure I am going to opt for a “post a week” challenge instead, because as my life gets busier the warmer the weather gets posting each day is just going to get harder and harder. So I admit defeat… life has won the battle against me and my writing, I accept it… but I won’t wave the white flag just yet, I will post at least once a week, and more if possible… so all is not lost, I am not giving up completely. I will strive for success one way or another!!!

In the meantime I will update you on the happenings at my house. C has settled into his new school perfectly. He has made friends and is learning new things each and everyday. On the way to school the other day he gave me a brief history lesson on the life of Martin Luther King Jr, and he has just begun a weekend Basketball camp that promotes reading in young boys.

The BF and I are still putting the finishing touches on the new place and we get a little more done each day. There are a few small things left to fix up and some items that we need to purchase, but it feels like home for the most part…. other than the annoying neighbours who are still driving me mad!!!

L has started walking full-out now, she took her first steps about a month and a half ago and now she is on her feet all hours of the day, she toddles around the house and even makes an attempt at running when she is really excited. It is funny to watch and a handful to monitor… hence the lack of posting….

Things are quiet (well for the most part) and happy around here. We added two new members to our family.. The BF got me two budgies that I named Milo and Twitter! They are just the cutest little things and they bring a smile to my face daily! Life is busy at the moment and about to get busier as the weather starts to warm up and I can actually get out of the house and explore the city….

So this is why I have been neglecting my posting lately, and why I am now choosing to accept that with two young children, the BF, the dog, two birds and a house to care for, I will not be able to post each day… well not if I want to actually post something with depth and merit anyway…. so I will write when I can (once a week at least) and that way I can write with the passion, enjoyment and substance I desire.

For now here is a picture of L toddling around the house carrying her little pink purse like the spoiled little princess that she is….

I Stay Up Too Late Too!!!

I Stay Up Too Late | Be A Fun Mum.

I was browsing the blogs I read on a regular basis when I cam across a post on Be A Fun Mum about staying up too late. The post above talks about how she is up late each night in order to get some “ME” time…. I do this as well, on a daily basis. I stay up well past the rest of the family just to get some much needed alone time. I enjoy the quiet of the night when the kids (and the BF) are sleeping. Sure I could get the same level of silence during the wee hours of the morning, but I am not much of a morning person anymore (probably due to all the late nights) and I much prefer the night time silence to the morning silence anyhow…. When I saw this post I thought I would share it, it is a great blog that I always enjoy reading and this post in particular really hit home for me, and caused me to wonder how many moms seek solitude in the night????

Snowpocalypse Sillies…. A.K.A. God This Is Cute (video)

I moved south to get away from the snow, but apparently I brought it with me, (that’s just my sort of luck) because ever since I moved south to the city it has done nothing but snow! In fact it has been snowing so much that the local media dubbed the most recent storm “Snowpocalypse”

Now I hate snow more than anything else in the world. The cold, the dampness, the bitter wind that comes along with it are enough to drive me mad! (yes, even madder than I already am!) No amount of hot chocolate can make it bearable for me, (no matter how much liquor I add!) I just hate snow… (I have said it once, and I will say it again… I was born in the wrong country… Seriously, someone screwed up bad when they decided I should live in Canada)

But tonight as I was browsing Google Reader. (as I do almost every night once the kids are in bed and I am bored out of my mind) I came across a cute video and it reminded me that even though snow is disgusting, cold, damp, and unbearable, every once in a while it does make for some fun (and funny) moments in life that are worth catching on tape (just as these people did with this video)

So..if you are like me and you are snuggled down trying to keep warm and toasty. I hope this video will at least bring some warmth to your heart, and a smile to your face!!



Maybe its the bad weather…. the bitter cold, and the endless snowflakes that seem to fall from the heavens daily. Perhaps its the cabin fever, or the kids… or maybe I am just a BITCH! I don’t know, what I do know is that lately everything seems to be annoying me…. most of all the chaotic, disorganized disaster I call a home!!

It seems that no matter how many toys I pick up, papers I put away, or dishes I pile into the cabinets, this house is a constant write off. I clean one room and move on to another, only to return to the same mess I tidied in the first place. (either someone is playing a very mean trick on me, the house is haunted, I am hallucinating, or my family sucks!) Actually…. I think we just have too much stuff! Even after having just

moved to a new home, in a new city, leaving a large amount of items behind, we still have too much damn stuff…. I wonder sometimes where it all comes from!

Every surface in my home becomes a dumping ground for clutter. Every dresser, desk, table, and ledge in this home is filled with papers, junk mail, knick-knacks, and just crap in general! It is driving me mad… clearing the clutter has become an endless battle (a battle that I am losing, miserably!)

Let me drive this home for you, I want you to feel my frustration, I want you to truly understand the extent of chaos as I witness it daily… Just this afternoon I was in the living-room and I looked over at the large L-shaped desk I had recently purchased to house our beloved computers and help organize our work space, and it was cluttered with papers, pens, and other various items that did not belong to this location.  I dove on the job and quickly de-cluttered the area with ease. Problem solved! Perfect! I was content.

It’s funny how clearing clutter off open surfaces is the quickest and easiest way to make a room appear tidier. If ever you have company coming and you need a quick  fix, opt for clearing the clutter rather than washing the floors, it is a fail proof way to make the house appear clean without actually cleaning.  (Yes, It is sad that I am giving you tips on how to clean without cleaning!)

Anyway…. I returned to the room awhile later only to find that the desk had

miraculously, (magnetically?) attracted all that clutter right back to itself…. (mess fairy?) I was livid!!! What’s the point? Why clear the clutter if it is just going to wander back on its own anyway??? Should I just throw in the towel? Wave the white flag and admit defeat? Seems the easiest route in this situation, I mean this is an endless battle that one woman cannot take on alone….. and this woman is exhausted!

Organization has never been my strong suit, I can get things organized in the first place perfectly, but keeping them that way is where the issue lies. (Especially when there are three other people in this house that have no interest in my attempts to create an orderly environment) I could start a business organizing other peoples houses. In fact, I could make millions doing it because I wouldn’t have to keep it that way. I could go in, get it done, and get out. Leaving satisfied customers with clean homes where everything has its place, and there is a place for everything. No problem…. But no matter how many times I do this in my house the clutter comes back, quickly. Perhaps if it was happening over time it wouldn’t bother me so much, I probably wouldn’t even notice it happening, but its not over time…. We are talking instantly here, it’s disturbing really…..

So whats my plan??? Truthfully…. I don’t have one. No, for now I will just keep clearing out the same clutter time-and-time again until I get fed-up and throw it all away…..(or throw out my family, whichever seems easier at the time) Until then I will gear up and meet this profound battle head-on. So…Wish me luck! (Oh and feel free to suit up and join me, I can use all the help I can get. Send a couple of Spartans over if you happen to have them lying around actually, anything to make this easier on poor little me!!)

If you don’t have a smile, I’ll give you one of mine!

I have decided that I want to go back to kindergarten. God how simple life was then… Take for example the process of making friends in kindergarten. If you were lonely in kindergarten you simply approached the nearest person your age and said “Hi, want to play?” and Ta-Da! You had yourself a new best friend, it was as easy as that. No judgement, no interrogation, just unbiased friendship and trust, right from the start. There were no fears of how you looked, no questioning what to say, what you could have in common, or what they would think of you, it was simple and innocent. Moving to a new city I have discovered how lonely it can be, I have realized how much I miss having my friends around. (Not even around in person, but more the knowledge that if I needed to see them they were there.) Here I don’t know anyone at all (it is me the BF and the kids, and as I told you before the BF is not overly social!) so I am starting to feel a little cuckoo being couped up in the house all the time with no one to socialize with.  Now I am by no means a shy person, I have no issue with chatting up anyone, anywhere, at anytime. I am very good at small talk, and I easily carry on conversations with the bank tellers, grocery clerks, coffee girls, or bus drivers, but unlike life in kindergarten, moving from small talk to friendship does not come as easily for adults. You can not very well walk up to a stranger and say “Hi, I’m Lonely! Wanna play with me?” In fact, I am almost sure it would get take the wrong way, and would most likely end up some sort of troublesome situation!!!

The innocence of our childhood, and the instant trust wear off quickly as we grow older. Friends stab us in the back, the news fills our heads with the negative outcomes of getting too close to strangers, and self-doubt causes us to hold ourselves back for fear of rejection. No longer to we look at other people as potential friends, we judge, we criticize, and we keep our distance.

Not only does maturity change us, our lives, and the world around us have changed. I was watching the local morning show the other day and the hosts were outside on the street looking for someone smiling… a very long time passed before they found a single person with a smile on their face. (Now I understand that it was early morning, it was cold, and many of the passers by had probably just rolled out of bed, but take a minute to look around you anytime of the day and seek out someone smiling! It’s not an easy thing to find.) A smile is the easiest way to lighten your mood, brighten your day (or someone else’s) and invite people to approach you. Yet many of us wander around so consumed in our thoughts that we barely notice the world around us, let alone the people we pass by.

What does it matter? Why am I rambling on about making friends you ask??? Well I’ll tell you why…..

Because I here I am in a new city, living a new life, and looking for a new opportunity to do something with myself (to be honest with you I am bored out of my mind being a mother and “wife”, but we’ll get into that at another time…) so why not take the time to make new friends along the way as well??? I am social by nature (very social) and I get depressed not having a large group of friends to talk to, share with, and learn from, which in turn makes my life as a mother and “wife” seem even more mundane.

When I was younger I dreamed of being famous, I longer for everyone to know my name, I wanted to be “someone”. I still have that dream, but on a much smaller scale… I don’t need the entire world to know who I am now. I don’t want the constant attention, the harassment of the paparazzi, and the ever lasting desire for privacy. What I do long for is to share myself with as many people as possible, to teach them what I know, and learn from them. To help them if I can and to make a mark on their lives if there is anyway possible. I want people to understand me, people to see me for who I really am, I want people who trust me, and whom I can trust. I want friends that I can spend time with when I am lonely, who I can turn to when I need help, who I can talk to, listen to, and open up to. I want to give a part of myself to as many people as possible in the hope that I can make a difference for them, even if it is just through a simple smile, or a friendly little chat…

It may seem silly, or possibly pointless to you, but for me it is my way of changing the world. A smile is a sign of love, and love can save the world. Friendship can cure deep pain and create strength that was never there before, and so as I walk down the street to take my son to school, go grocery shopping, or catch the bus I will smile. I will continue to chat to the driver, sales clerk, and the man mowing his lawn. I will make friends where I can, and brighten peoples day through tiny gestures. I will remember that making a difference means doing things that are both big and small, and that sometimes it is the smallest gestures that have the biggest impact on our lives.


Hardcore Pornography

Image by carianoff via Flickr

Well I had a good laugh tonight, (which was much needed at this point in my life) my 7 year-old was emailing his Grandmother to say goodnight (something that he started since we moved to another city and they are fairly close) and as he completed his message and closed the web page to get ready for bed, appearing on the screen, in bold flashing glory, was HARDCORE PORN!!!!!

The look on C’s face was priceless!!! After screaming in shock for him to “close that! close that!” I could not help but laugh… my son (thinking he did something wrong) looks at me with the most distraught look in his eyes and says, “I have NO idea how that got there Mom!!!” God did I laugh! I laughed and laughed, and laughed some more…. I don’t think C found it very funny at all, he was not laughing along with me!!!

Although the look on his face was humorous, (thus causing my inappropriate outburst of laughter) the situation was not funny at all…. In all truthfulness, these kinds of pictures should not be showing up on the screen uninvited. Especially when the only sites my 7 year-old visits are supposed to be geared towards the appropriate age groups….

But I have come to find that this sort of sleaze is a fact of the future. Thanks to technology our children are being exposed sex at a far earlier age….

Now I am aware that there are Nanny Services designed to block out any possibly offensive websites (and apparently I now have to put one on the children’s computer) but the fact is I should HAVE to pay for one of these services… When my child is playing on a children’s website I should not have to worry about him being exposed to this type of trash by accident…. That should be the SITES responsibility…but no instead I have to find, install and pay for a service to protect my child in order for him to use THEIR site!!!!

It’s a little sick actually!!!!


Granny Goes Ghetto

I saw an article the other day (don’t ask me where because for the life of me I can not remember) but it was a story about a young man who made an attempt to rob an older lady outside the neighbourhood bank, well this young man got what he deserved when this lady (age 62) attacked her attacker, spraying her breath spray directly in his eyes…. and then proceeded to beat him with her purse!!!! The criminal was apprehended at the scene, and is now facing charges in court!!!

And you know what I say………


Let me tell you what would happen should some unintelligent young thug  decide to target me in a dark alley….

First off I have not yet reached the tender age of 62, and I like to think that I am still (somewhat) of a spring chicken (perhaps not your prize hen, but I am in the running anyhow…) so that would be the thugs first mistake. Not only would I whoop his ass…… I would ensure that he knew exactly what I thought of his cowardly ways….

“What a “big man” you are.. trying to ROB an innocent helpless woman on her way home to her children… well this time LOSER you made a mistake, because not only am I going to tear you a new arsehole, I am a mother of two and therefore I am BROKE!!! So you are not only going to get nothing, you are going to get nothing and get your ass kicked… Loser! You think your tough? You call yourself a MAN… This is seriously the best you can do… creeping around in the night robbing women??? You make me sick… Get a job scumbag… or at the very least if you MUST rob someone, go rob a drug dealer, or some other scumbag criminal like yourself…. What’s that??? OH…YOUR TOO SCARED TO ROB A DRUG DEALER!!! Hmmmmm… wonder why that would be you little PUNK!!! Instead you have the balls to approach a WOMAN and take the money she would use to feed her children, but robbing a criminal like yourself is too dangerous… well guess what dirtball?? Your gonna wish you robbed the drug dealer by the time I am done with you…. probably would have been safer!!!!!”

Are among the words that I am sure would come out of my mouth (probably with added profanity and elevated levels of rage!!!)

It is a cowardly act to prey on unsuspecting women. Rapists, robbers, abusers, murders, diddlers, they are all COWARDS. Pathetic, disgusting, COWARDS!!! You are that much of a “man” that you can honestly harm a woman (or child) ????? That is not a man… it’s a mouse!!! No MAN hurts, hits, or harms a woman.. No MAN scares a woman. No MAN would ever even want to do those things… A REAL MAN knows that a woman is a gift to be cherished.. a woman is life, a woman is beauty and strength, she is soul and emotion, she is love and tenderness…… A REAL MAN knows that a woman is to be cherished and protected…

So to all you COWARDS out there (the young man in the story included) you will get whats coming to you, because eventually all mice get caught….. and the world is full of us cats…


Meet The Crazies

I figured I would share some more personal stuff with you, help you get to know my family, and see what exactly makes us tick….. (Loose screws and all)

Our little family consists of 4 people and a dog (who is the equivalent of us ‘smaller’ three.)

I am Mama… I am the talkative one of the family. I drive the BF crazy with my constant babble. I just can not stand silence and I like to share my thoughts (all of them) on a regular basis. I enjoy having in-depth discussions, debates, or even just simple chats. I like to hear what others think (OK that’s a lie, I usually don’t give a rats ass what others think, but I want them to know what I think, and agree with it at all times) I love writing, I read a lot (well not a lot lately, but usually..) I am the one who does the cooking (a.k.a: attempts to cook) the one who does most of the cleaning (when I feel like it, aka: when BF starts to complain about the thick layer of dust, pile of dishes, and mountain of laundry) and the one who bathes, feeds, and for the most part cares for the children…(again, on a when I feel like it basis) I am an attention craving B***H, I drive BF nuts with my constant need for attention (something that I have required all my life) and my insane ideas. I make my children laugh with my constant chatter, silly voices/faces, and insane ideas. I am a generally happy person and I have been told that I am one of those “perky” people. (You know the type you just don’t want to see before 9 a.m. or your morning coffee, whichever comes first!) and I am a major procrastinator….

BF on the other hand is more of the “strong silent” type. He is a very private person, once a “Bad Boy” he is now content being a ‘family man’. His motto is say less, period. I can sit and chatter away to him all day and get a total of maybe 3 simple responses. He is not an overly social person, and people sometimes mistake his lack of communication as arrogance. (or ignorance) He is somewhat shy, (where I much prefer to have the full attention of an entire room of people at all times) and he keeps to himself for the most part. We have very little in common, but the things we do share, we share deeply, and we bicker like an old married couple. We both have short tempers and are hot-headed, which makes for some tense moments, and neither of us ever like to admit when we are wrong…. (which he usually is) We also have very different parenting styles (which is usually the sole cause of short tempers and hot headedness!) and has led to us having two very strange children….

C is 7 years old and is my son from a previous relationship. C is a caring and considerate little man. He is a mama’s boy through and through. He is handsome, and sweet, with a gentle manner to him. He could not hurt a fly and simply sees the love in every situation. But being a boy he is going through a phase right now where he lacks even basic commonsense. Sometimes I just stare in awe as I watch my beautiful son do some of the stupidest things a child can do. He tries so hard to be good that he ends up getting into trouble. He comes across as sneaky at times because of this phase, and is often difficult to talk to because of his wild imagination and his age (I find boys between the ages of 7 and 11 are stuck battling between being a child and a “big boy”, basically, they are kind of annoying!!) But I am sure that this phase will pass in time and I am confident that he will be a caring and intelligent man as he grows (overly sensitive perhaps, but there is no harm in that!!)

L on the other hand is almost 11 months old now and she is the little brat of the family. With a face like an angel she has the ability to get away with almost anything with a simple smile. She is independent, determined, and spoiled rotten. Thankfully she is a very happy baby and adores her older brother more than anything in the world. She is going to be a daddy’s girl without a doubt, and their resemblance is sometimes frightening. But she is beautiful, smart, and amazing and provides endless hours of entertainment for our family….

The dog on the other hand is the most spoiled brat of them all… The BFs baby, she is not one of those “follow the kids everywhere” kind of dogs. She is a bitch who basically lays about and looks at you like your crazy, and with her being a 100 pound rotti, we don’t have much to say about it!!! But she is calm and loving, and she definitely keeps us safe, so we have grown used to having her around….

We are slightly dysfunctional as a family, in fact, we are like a “real life” version of the Simpsons at times (except I like to believe that the BF is a little more intelligent than Homer, and I am a lot less of a pushover than Marge) but despite our differences we are a happy family, and we make a great team when we do work towards the same goal.

Sit Down, Shut-up, and Get Ready to Learn…

Short post tonight, my brain is exhausted…..

Well the excitement of homework may have worn off my son this evening. After 45 minutes of exercising his brain on a new form of math that he has never seen before, (so much for the province wide curriculum) I could read the level of frustration on his face. My frustration was more noticeably set in my tone of voice (but I managed to hold it together) C was learning about numbers and how they are broken up into ‘one’s, tens, and hundreds’ (remember those little stacks of cubes you had to deal with in elementary school) But he managed to grasp the concept and complete the work, that is all that matters!!!

But as for math, he may not love it as much as he thought he did this morning, and homework may be a passing excitement in his life….. But he worked hard, and did the best he could, so I couldn’t be prouder!!!!

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