People Never Cease To Amaze Me!!

Its been an awfully long time since I have written anything on this site and it kind of makes me sad. Life has, as always, been hectic but even more so now that I am a full-time college student and single mother of two. Still, this site has been my outlet for so long that I don’t want to just forget about it and have it fade away… So I am here now, and I am going to try to be here somewhat regularly to post and vent and share all of my crazy thoughts and ideas. Which is probably a good idea since bottling them up makes me crazy and saying them out loud in public can sometimes get me into trouble…

So on to the thoughts I am having this moment that brought me here in the first place…

I haven’t been sleeping well lately.. Okay let’s be honest, I have not slept well since my daughter was born 4 years ago but lately it has been really bad. I wake up several times a night and for a while when it first started happening I would lay there trying to force myself back to sleep but all that did was make me frustrated and spin the psychotic scenario wheels inside my head. So, lately I have taken to getting up out of bed and actually doing things until I feel tired again… Some nights it works and I am back in bed in a couple of hours, other nights I am up for the day from 3 am on… Those days are super fun, let me tell you.. and they create this nap, awake late, can’t sleep, nap cycle that is even worse than not being able to sleep in the first place…

Anyway.. Not sleeping is not the topic I am aiming to talk about here so let me get back on track.

While I am awake in the wee hours of the morning/night I tend to browse Facebook and other online sites for funny, stupid, entertaining and overall interesting information. Sometimes it melts my brain into mush, sometimes I learn something amazing and sometimes I am touched by the kindness of humanity… but other times I am appalled..

Today was one of those days. 

I came across a post on Facebook and it was a picture that a mother has posted of her son it had caption that stated his name and age (I think he was 3 or 4) and went on to explain that he likes to wear dresses and play with dolls and that she was perfectly okay with that. She said she wanted her son to know that he could be whatever he wanted and basically that she didn’t want the superficial constraints of society to determine his gender norms. She simply wanted her son to be happy and to do what made him happy…

This is NOT what appalled me… 

What appalled me was the pathetic response from the public about how she should be raising her child, how what she is doing is abusive, how she is going to “turn him gay” and how he is doomed to be bullied…


I have the utmost respect for this woman and any parent that can embrace their child’s choices so openly. I am sure it is not an easy task to watch your son walk around in a floral sundress but accepting that it is his choice, his right if you will, is an amazing act of parenting if you ask me.

This mother is not going to “turn her son gay”, I guess the person that posted this comment missed the memo but BEING GAY IS NOT A CHOICE!

Nor is she is not setting him up or dooming him to a life of being bullied.. EVEN IF he is still wearing dresses when he goes to school this doesn’t mean he is going to be teased anymore than anyone else..

And besides, maybe the person that commented this should consider Support Transgendertalking to their kids about gender variance and bullying so that hopefully ‘the boy in the dress’ won’t be bullied…

Kids can be mean but they are bullies because they are not taught to accept differences, or they are lacking attention, or because of some other outside factor.. Kids are not naturally bullies; we are not born with the mindset to discriminate, it is created over time in various ways. In fact, much of the time it is the parents attitudes and opinions coming out of the children’s  mouths…

There were of course the expected comments about God Hating Gays and the Bible verses to go with them. I am not religious so I can not hurl verses back that I am sure exist saying “do not judge”, or “love is love in any form” or something of that nature.. But what I can say is that the Bible is pretty damn old and the world has changed a great deal since these “rules” were created.. Don’t you think that God, who apparently created the world, would probably adapt his rules and opinions to fit the ever-changing ways of humanity??? Or in the very least strike every gay person down with a bolt of lightning if he truly did hate them so much!!!

Just sayin’.

My point here, other than ranting and raving, is that every once in a while I come across a post or comments that truly make me sad. People live inside little boxes and refuse to consider anything that doesn’t fit perfectly inside. When we live like this the only person we are harming is ourselves and the only ones that suffer are the future generations who have been taught that everything has to fit perfectly inside their little box.

Until Next Time…

Be Yourself; Explore Yourself.
Ps. There is a great post on gender variance in MacLean’s Magazine for anyone that is interested in the topic. You can access it HERE


I Apologize in Advance, This Post IS Going to Offend Someone…

I apologize in advance, this post IS going to offend someone. I would like to say up front that it is not my intention to do so, I am simply exercising my right to freedom of speech, and venting my frustrations.

This is not a funny post, I don’t expect the laughter that I  usually look for when I write my blogs. This post is sobering, serious, and is probably going to piss a few people off. I simply want to make myself heard. I want to share my opinion, you can disagree with me, you can be angry with me, you can agree or you can argue, it’s your choice and you can share those feelings if you please. Freedom of speech is a part of this amazing country we live in…. We are separate people, we don’t have to feel the same, think the same, or want the same things. This is my opinion, I don’t expect you to like it. I don’t write to have people like me, and I don’t share my opinion in the hopes that it will make you want to be my friend. I learned long ago that you can not please everyone all the time and you shouldn’t even try…

My Motto; ‘Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” I am who I am, love me or hate me, it’s not going to change me!

With that said I will state; this post is probably going to be considered, at least, PG 13 due to coarse language and mature subject matter.

Reader discretion is strongly advised! 

I am the furthest thing from racist. I don’t see color, never really have, I have friends from every corner of the earth. I believe that all people are equal, regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. I am a firm believer that everyone deserves an equal opportunity and a chance at a wonderful life….. What I don’t believe is that people should be allowed to come to our country and try to change the way we live. I don’t think it’s fair that I am not allowed to say Merry Christmas, and that schools no longer have Christmas Trees during the Holiday season. No one should tell me that I can’t sing the national anthem, or wear a cross if I desire to do so. My child should be able to celebrate the easter in school, and should be learning about Canadian history.

What I really disagree with is the fact that every single time I call any sort of government office I am greeted by an immigrant that came to Canada, is now working for the Canadian government, and can not speak, or understand, English, which is the main language of our beautiful country! Every time I have to deal with someone from the Canadian government on the phone it turns into a huge battle because the person on the other end of the line cannot understand what I am trying to say… In plain English!

Not to be rude, honestly I know how this must sound, but please read on and give me a chance to explain myself fully before you judge me as a rude, racist, self-centered bitch… (though rude, self-centered, and bitchy may be part of my personality, racist is not one of my traits)

My frustration is not directed at the fact that these people have chosen to immigrate to Canada in search of a better life. I have seen the way people in some of these countries they are fleeing from live, I have read and researched the suffering they have seen, and I can’t even begin to imagine some of the conditions they have survived, pain the have suffered, and the loss they have experienced. I have no issue at all with immigration, in fact, the more the merrier… I don’t even have a problem with these same immigrants securing jobs within our government sector and improving themselves, supporting their families, etc… I think that if you are coming over to this country you should be seeking a better life through employment and education, and you should be securing the best job possible to support you and your family. No, I have no problem with any of this…

What I DO have a problem with is that immigrants have come to Canada to better themselves, create a brighter future for their families and their children, and have become Canadian citizens by choice, and yet they still can not speak or understand fluent English, and they are answering the phones telling me what I have to do, and getting upset that I cannot understand them…

If you are going to come to another country and make the choice to become a citizen of that country, (that choice meaning you are leaving your life, your country and your suffering behind) you should be expected to live by that countries rules, and conform to that countries way of living.

  • Don’t come to Canada and tell us that we should change our flag.
  • Don’t demand that we will re-write our national anthem.
  • And don’t  expect us to speak your native language…

“You chose to come here because you felt it was a better life than you had in your country… if we immigrated to your country we would live by your rules.”

If you come to my house you are expected to remove your shoes at the front door, we do not smoke inside the house, and my children are in bed by 8 p.m….These are the rules of my house and visitors are expected to follow these simple rules. They maybe different from the rules in their house, but they chose to visit me..

I would not come into your home and refuse the rules you have laid out to live by.

  • I would not light a cigarette knowing that you do not smoke indoors.
  • I would not argue that your children should be allowed to stay up later.
  • And I would never dispute the routine that you chose to live by… it is your house.

I chose to visit you!

So why is it that these people chose to leave their country, (where their lives were obviously not fitting their needs) and come here to Canada, (or the U.S as they too face these issues) then try to turn this new country into their homeland?? No offence but If you liked the way things are were in your country, perhaps you should have stayed there!!!

Maybe I am being harsh, but I don’t think I am… I am not talking about religion. (which has nothing to do with the country you live in) I can understand not wanting to talk about the origin of ‘Christmas,’ being the birth of Christ, in schools. I understand the dispute of ‘The Lords Prayer‘ being recited each morning in public schools. (who are we to push the Catholic religion on someone forcing the assumption that it is the “right” religion) NO, that I understand!!! I am not arguing religious beliefs, I am arguing lack of respect, and the need for conformity. I am arguing that if you are going to choose to become a Canadian citizen, you must accept that, that choice means a new way of life.

  • It means a new language,
  • a new environment,
  • and a new set of rules to follow.

It means attempting to fit in to ‘their’ way of living, not expecting them to fit in to yours…. You chose to leave your country (probably for good reasons) I am not arguing that…but, if you are going to come here, you must accept that you made a choice to change your way of life overall, not just your address!

You can judge me if you want to, I really don’t care. I am not saying I don’t want immigrants in Canada, quite the opposite actually I love the diversity that immigration brings. I love the hope and the chance that it provides people who would otherwise have none.

I just feel that should you choose to come to Canada you should understand fully what it means to be Canadian.

  • You should speak and understand English fluently before you are given a job in a Canadian government office.
  • You should accept our flag as your flag now. Have respect and admiration for your history and your previous life, that’s perfectly acceptable, but don’t expect us to change our history or way of living to suit your needs. 
  • You should learn our national anthem in our language. OH! Canada was not written in Arabic, Hindi, Spanish, Italian, or Chinese.. It was written in English and in French… learn it in at least one of the two languages. 

Come to Canada, by all means, come! This is an amazing country with beautiful sights, wonderful people, endless opportunities, and an incredible way of life. We have amazing health care, a solid government (for the most part), a rich history, a strong pride, and great diversity… Yes, come, we welcome you! But as you sign your citizenship card, and swear your pledge to our flag, remember that you are making a choice to be Canadian. Remember that you do not  get to pick and choose what parts of our culture you can adapt to your new life, and remember that we are welcoming you into ‘our home’ with open arms. Make it easier on everyone and work hard to learn our language, live our ways, and be proudly Canadian…

Don’t be that person fighting on the phone because you can not understand what I am saying.
Don’t be that person fighting to change our anthem because it was not written with your language in mind.
Don’t be that person fighting to change our flag so it resembles your old countries just a little bit more. and,
Don’t be that person that spends their life living a lost dream.

Making the choice to be here is more than just a move, an environment, or an address.. It is a way of life that should be embraced whole heartedly.

The Rise of Size

The appearance of plus sized models has skyrocketed over the last few years. Long-gone are the days of Kate Moss and the heroin addict image that under-fed, bony models portrayed. Though the size of many models is still questionable, more and more magazines are opting to replace the skin-and-bones look with curvier, more realistic women in their spreads. 

Even Tyra Banks, one of the worlds former super-models, openly expressed her excitement at seeing heavier women in mainstream media. Banks, who has battled with her weight publicly for sometime, has stepped out of the ‘typical’ supermodel mold, and is boasting a beautiful, more curvaceous figure that she is proud to flaunt. Banks is the house of the hit television show ‘America’s Next Top Model‘, a show for which she fought successfully to allow heavier women the right to compete on.

This increase in plus size models is an amazing achievement for women everywhere. By employing women who are realistically proportioned the media is sending a strong message to the women of the world; the message that it is alright to be big. The message that you do not have to starve yourself to be beautiful, and the message that you are wonderful just the way you are.

Crystal Renn happens to be one of the most well know plus size models in the world, at 5ft 9in and 165lbs she doesn’t appear plus sized in person, but industry standards make it so. The specs of plus sized models are tight. Plus sized is considered to be any model over a size 10 (US) and generally 5’8 and up…

A ten may not seem so “plus size” to you, and it isn’t in the reality of things. Size 10 is among the average of women today, and this is even more reason for ‘plus size’ models to become the mainstream. Why should we promote a size 3 when the average woman is wearing a size 10? How is this promoting your product? How is this even realistic to everyday life for women of the world?

I personally say ‘Amen’ to the plus sized models of the world. Though not plus size myself, I have many friends who have battled with weight their entire lives. These are beautiful, sexy, intelligent woman who bear the right to be beautiful, not just within themselves but in the eyes of the world as well. I don’t see curves as a flaw but rather a feature, what is more beautiful than a woman with hips and a booty? How can we take a woman of average size and build and tell her she is too big to represent the women of the world? I hope that more magazines will step up and see that the true beauty of a woman is not in the size of her dress, but rather her natural beauty that shines from within.

Hot Shot!

It’s a sad situation that on average most Americans know more about celebrity gossip than they do about politics, history, or current events combined.

The world today is celebrity obsessed… every where you turn there is an abundance of celebrity gossip to be found. Every supermarket has shelves at the cash register that are stocked full of celebrity gossip magazines. You can’t purchase potatoes without noticing bold bogus headlines about one celebrity or another. You are constantly bombarded with media images of perfection gone bad, stories off celebrities gone wild, and tales of which star is currently in rehab. It’s truly sickening!

I am aware that along with the choice of fame, comes the choice of failed privacy, but I think that it has been taken too far. Societies obsession with celebrity has costing people their lives, (Princess Dianna for example) destroyed marriages, and caused countless self-esteem issues in young women today who are trying to live up to unrealistic standards. You have to feel a bit sorry for these people, because although fame is a choice they made, I am sure that they never expected the actual extent of severity it would entail.

One thing I must say on a side note is that these celebrities have it all wrong…. the more you try to hide from the public eye the more they are going to seek you out… why? because the rarer the pictures of the celebrity, the more they are worth… it goes hand in hand with popularity as well the more famous you are the more people are going to want to know about you…. If you are choosing fame as a career, you need to be prepared for the scrutiny that comes along with it, and accept that; although you are going to long for privacy, you are probably not going to get it… sad as that fact is, it is just that…fact! (A sick fact, but a fact just the same!)

But none of these ‘facts’ explain why we put these people up on pedestals and thrive on the drama of their lives. Why we as people feel that they are any better than us, and why week after week celebrity gossip magazines filled with over exaggerated lies sell millions of copies straight off the supermarket shelves…

These people are no different than we are, they work hard to make their money, they have families and feelings just like you and I. They worry about what they are going to wear, or what they should have for dinner. They stress about their work, and their weight. They raise their children and they live their lives….All while under an extreme amount of pressure, yet we sit here and imagine that we are them, we fantasize that their lives are perfect, and we dream about how happy we would be if we could just trade places with them for a day. We relish in the glory when they succeed, and we are captivated when they suffer, often to the point of finding glory in another persons pain… We as people know more about what is going on with Brad and Angelina than we do about the current state of the war. We pay more attention to the dramatics of Lindsay Lohan then the dramatics of our sad excuse for a government. We immerse ourselves in these people’s lives as if they owe us something, like we have the right to know, see, and stalk every detail of where they go and what they do…

Having some interest in your favorite actor is acceptable, curiosity is natural, and fans are what creates such amazing movies as we see today, and allows these people to enjoy doing what they have always dreamed of, but try putting that same interest into the world around you, into the way your country is run, or the state of the earth as it quickly deteriorates. Try taking the time to focus on something that actually matters, something that makes a difference, because when the time comes that the war expands, or the effects of the damage we have caused our earth start to take over, it won’t matter one bit which celebrity is having an affair, how many times Britney has gone crazy, or who is showing a baby bump… have some intelligence, and at the very least some respect….

Things I Hate About the City


My recent move to the city has made me a happier person. I love the hustle and bustle that the city offers. I love the busy vibe, the chaos, and the constant movement. I love the fact that there is always something to do, somewhere to go, or something to see. I love that there is never silence, and that you are never alone. With all that there is to love about the city, there is still plenty to complain about as well. There are a few things that I don’t love about the city….

  • People who don’t move out of your way on the sidewalk The first thing I noticed about the city that I dislike is the fact that as you are walking down the sidewalk people make no attempt to move out of your way. You can be an 80 year-old grandmother, wheelchair bound, or mother with a stroller and it doesn’t matter, they will not move to allow you to pass. People will walk directly in the middle of the sidewalk and crash into you instead of stepping to the side and allowing you to pass. This is especially true when you are walking in the same direction as the ignorant person. Common courtesy consists of stepping aside to let someone pass if they appear to be going at a faster pace than you are, it’s simple and it doesn’t slow you down. Standing aside for a moment is not going to cause you to be late for work or miss an appointment, and it could actually help the other person arrive at their destination on time … Even more disturbing is the fact that parents are teaching their children these poor manners. Each day after picking my son up from school I am bumped, barged, and plowed over by children as they flee the field and head for home… Now kids are going to be kids, but my son knows that you move aside for someone as they approach you on a sidewalk, it’s just polite.
  • Everyone always being in a hurry to get somewhere – Another thing I have noticed about the city is; that although I love the constant hustle and bustle, chaos, and action, people always seem to be in a rush to get somewhere. People watch in a city for an afternoon and you will notice that people are always rushing somewhere. No one ever seems to be wandering at a slow and relaxed pace taking in the world around them and enjoying the sights as they pass by. People are rushing about, without much attention to anyone or anything that they pass. There are times when I am in a hurry, yes of course, but here in Toronto it almost seems constant, as if there are never enough hours in the day. I think that it bothers me for a few reasons; First off the BF is one of those people who is always in a hurry to get everything done, or get where he is going. He rarely takes the time to browse a shop, watch a sunset, or smell the flowers. (so to speak) Where I prefer to stop and look in shop windows, touch items of clothing on a rack, talk to strangers, and take in the world around me one piece at a time. I fear that with all the rushing around people will miss the beauties that life has to offer, all the simple things that we take for granted each and every day. I just don’t see the point in rushing through life, why hurry to get somewhere all the time? Life is too short; if you run through life you will realize that you missed important moments. (maybe simple moments, but sometimes it is the simplest moments that change our lives)
  • The stupidity of city drivers – This is a steady source of stress in our household. It seems that no matter where you go, how you go, or what time you attempt to get there, here in the city there is always traffic problems. What really amazes me is how it is possible for traffic on a highway or major roadway to come to a complete stand-still!!! Accidents, construction, and minor hiccups are not an excuse to rubberneck or stop dead and hold up a whole line of cars behind you. Drivers in this city are insane…. (Sorry, maybe not all of you… but a large number) Where people refuse to move aside on the sidewalk, drivers on the road are often overly polite. Just the other day we were driving along and we were instantly stuck in a traffic jam that ran about 16 blocks… the cause (as far as I could see) was people stopping to allow other cars to turn in front of them. Now although it is courteous to allow a driver to turn off a busy street on to a side road, it is not courteous to allow 24 cars to turn left, thus holding up another 24 cars behind you!!! Another major issue is the fact that this city allows people to park on both sides of a narrow road, this causes confusion, chaos, and issues all around. With cars parked on both sides of a narrow two lane road, only one car can navigate through at a time, this causes issues because a lot of the time drivers cannot seem to figure out whose turn it is to drive, it’s not exactly rocket science but apparently it is difficult to grasp for some drivers. This also goes for streetlights that are not working properly… why can people not figure out what they are supposed to do in this situation?? Is it not on the driver’s test??? I am sure that it is a pretty standard piece of information…. Needless to say driving in Toronto is an adventure in itself, and basically unless you have unlimited time to arrive at your destination, you should probably take the bus!
  • The lack of compassion – People in the city are cold… period. I wrote before about a local morning show that went outside with a video camera and attempted to find a person on their way to work with a smile on their face… look around the city as you travel, a happy smiling face is a rare find here. People are just unfriendly! People here do not say hello as they pass, there is no smile or nod, no chit chat, or small talk for the most part. There is no warmth, comfort, or compassion for one another. Walking around here in the city makes you realize how small you really are in this giant world. You are anonymous… it’s almost creepy sometimes.

With all there is to complain about when it comes to life in the city, there is plenty that I love thus far. Despite the ignorance and the confusion, walking around and exploring the city gives me a sense of exhilaration and independence that I can’t find anywhere else… I love the big buildings, and the bustle of traffic, I love the chaos of people as they dash across a busy street. I love the sense of adventure and the mystery… This is my home and it makes me happy, even with all the calamity and quirks it provides!!!

Granny Goes Ghetto

I saw an article the other day (don’t ask me where because for the life of me I can not remember) but it was a story about a young man who made an attempt to rob an older lady outside the neighbourhood bank, well this young man got what he deserved when this lady (age 62) attacked her attacker, spraying her breath spray directly in his eyes…. and then proceeded to beat him with her purse!!!! The criminal was apprehended at the scene, and is now facing charges in court!!!

And you know what I say………


Let me tell you what would happen should some unintelligent young thug  decide to target me in a dark alley….

First off I have not yet reached the tender age of 62, and I like to think that I am still (somewhat) of a spring chicken (perhaps not your prize hen, but I am in the running anyhow…) so that would be the thugs first mistake. Not only would I whoop his ass…… I would ensure that he knew exactly what I thought of his cowardly ways….

“What a “big man” you are.. trying to ROB an innocent helpless woman on her way home to her children… well this time LOSER you made a mistake, because not only am I going to tear you a new arsehole, I am a mother of two and therefore I am BROKE!!! So you are not only going to get nothing, you are going to get nothing and get your ass kicked… Loser! You think your tough? You call yourself a MAN… This is seriously the best you can do… creeping around in the night robbing women??? You make me sick… Get a job scumbag… or at the very least if you MUST rob someone, go rob a drug dealer, or some other scumbag criminal like yourself…. What’s that??? OH…YOUR TOO SCARED TO ROB A DRUG DEALER!!! Hmmmmm… wonder why that would be you little PUNK!!! Instead you have the balls to approach a WOMAN and take the money she would use to feed her children, but robbing a criminal like yourself is too dangerous… well guess what dirtball?? Your gonna wish you robbed the drug dealer by the time I am done with you…. probably would have been safer!!!!!”

Are among the words that I am sure would come out of my mouth (probably with added profanity and elevated levels of rage!!!)

It is a cowardly act to prey on unsuspecting women. Rapists, robbers, abusers, murders, diddlers, they are all COWARDS. Pathetic, disgusting, COWARDS!!! You are that much of a “man” that you can honestly harm a woman (or child) ????? That is not a man… it’s a mouse!!! No MAN hurts, hits, or harms a woman.. No MAN scares a woman. No MAN would ever even want to do those things… A REAL MAN knows that a woman is a gift to be cherished.. a woman is life, a woman is beauty and strength, she is soul and emotion, she is love and tenderness…… A REAL MAN knows that a woman is to be cherished and protected…

So to all you COWARDS out there (the young man in the story included) you will get whats coming to you, because eventually all mice get caught….. and the world is full of us cats…


Hello… It’s Ignorance Calling…..

I had to share this! This is the Third reference I have come across today of people complaining about others talking excessively loud on their cell phones…… (drawn diary: Cellphone Talker)

 I talk on my cellphone while using public transportation all the time, and these complaints have caused me some concern… I hope that I am not the inspiration for one of these rants! (that are apparently a big problem at the moment) According to there has been an increase in tweets complaining about excessive, and excessively loud, phone talkers. The short post goes on to share readers comments and stories complaining about the phone talkers that they have recently encountered. (Which of course led me to search for more complaints, and I uncovered a plethora of them, found without much effort at all.)

Now, I am a loud talker by nature, in fact my family and friends are constantly telling me not to yell (I think perhaps I am going deaf or something, because I just don’t hear myself yelling!) but, I try to keep my public conversations discreet for the most part. After stumbling across these complaints though, I am sure that there have been times when others have probably overheard bits and pieces of (at least) my end of a phone chat with friends while riding the bus. I do not, however, share my personal life with the entire bus, embellishing every detail of a recent fight with the BF, parenting disaster, or visit to the doctor. I prefer to keep those conversations contained to the privacy of my home, but apparently this is not the case for some of the phone talkers people are complaining about. I read posts about phone talkers who are discussing how to treat STD’s, the right way to perform “foreplay”, and even the one night stand they had over the weekend!!! Really??? Come on now…. Get some class!!! 

Don’t get me wrong if that’s what you like so be it, but the whole bus does not need to know your promiscuous!!!

As for me, I will definitely think twice before I answer my phone on public transit again. Apparently you never know who might be listening to your conversation, or who you may annoy, and I would hate to come across a recent chat to a friend (that I thought was private) about my bratty children, my BF, or my personal problems, on the World Wide Web with some irate passenger complaining anonymously about my poor parenting skills, disgusting language, and lack of respect for others…. I will say that I have come across a few phone talkers that I thought were a little excessive, though they were mostly ‘young’ girls being overly dramatic, and often with the intention of getting another ‘young’ boys attention. For the most part though the “phone-ys” I have encountered are respectful and discreet.

Anyone have an excessive phone talker story???? Are you a loud phone talker????

Public Trans-chat


Image via Wikipedia

I have always complained about having to take the bus, I HATE public transit…especially in the city which I reside. I can not just up-and-go as I please, I have to plan my activities around someone else’s idea of a schedule, the buses are NEVER running on time, and then there’s the people…OH-GOD! The people!!

I guess I just have one of those faces. For whatever reason, strangers talk to me, all the time! Not just strangers mind you, but strange strangers, the biggest creeps, dweebs and weirdo’s. (Does anyone remember that game?) It starts out innocently I’m sure, “Hey nice weather we’re having eh?” to which I reply “Yes it is,” in all politeness, but after that it all goes wrong!! Perhaps I should have been a shrink, because people are constantly telling me their life stories, problems, or any other deep, should probably have been kept secret, sort of information. And me, being the friendly bystander I am, will politely nod my head, agree whenever I hear a slight pause, and try my best to focus on whatever it is that this stranger is pouring out to me. Honestly though, it is usually just nonsense, and I can’t truly be bothered to care. But still, I listen.

I have had grown women burst into tears and tell me that they think their husbands are cheating, honestly I feel bad for them, but your on a bus, in a public setting, get ahold of yourself! I have had men tell me about their “sexual” problems, I have had couples tell me about their latest arguments, and then ask who I thought was in the wrong, and I have had parents tell me all about their child’s last bowel movement in deep, descriptive detail. I thought of opening shop, but the city frowns upon anyone else making money off their system and I am sure I would get a fine for being unlicensed, and so…. I sit, I listen, and I try not to puke all over my latest “patient,” for FREE!!!

Every once in a while I do come across a normal person, looking for a normal conversation, idle chit-chat, or just simple banter, these are usually old ladies, without health problems, or other single parents who want to just chat to another adult…. who may, by chance understand how it feels to live life when the most intelligent conversation you have all day is about wether to use the blue crayon, or the red one?

These normal conversations are great, I can do this! I easily make small talk, and I actually enjoy it. I AM friendly by nature, I do feel the need to connect to other human beings on some level, but I don’t want that level to include a run-down of their personal sexual fantasies on a first meeting. I mean I am open-minded, but it can all be a little much, even for me!

I guess I just don’t understand the mentality of telling a stranger my personal and intimate details….yeah, sure, touch briefly on a subject if you must get it off your chest, but deep-rooted issues, and sexual complications, are best saved for your psychiatrist’s office.

Crazy Little Drunk People!

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I’m sorry but someone has to say it, and I am usually known as the one who will. I am like the mom version of Eminem, I will easily say what everyone else is thinking…. So why should I change now?

No mother actually wants to spend 24/7 with her children. Especially a single-mother or full-time mother. No mother wants to constantly act like a 5 year-old, have tea parties, play Star Wars or climb trees all the time… Personally I think the any mothers that do must be closet-case alcoholics or undercover Vicodin addicts. No one is that happy constantly. No one!!

Sure I will agree that it can be fun to spend a couple of hours (that’s on a very good day) in make-believe world with your children. In fact, I can play pirates with the best of them for a few minutes at a time. I can have a Barbie bash, or pretend to be a princess, or sing silly songs for short, sporadic periods, but I cannot be around my children 24 hours a day.

I once read a post where someone said, “children are like drunk midget’s” (pardon the politically incorrect language…I didn’t say it in the first place!) and you know what?  They are right! You know though, I have never much cared for drunk people either! I have never actually seen a drunk midget though so I can’t speculate on how I would react to that, but although a drunk midget would probably be amusing, I am sure that it could get irritating afterwhile. When you are constantly tripping over them, having to get things down off high shelves, and picking them up on a regular basis so they can see out the window as well. You probably would, at some point, have the thought cross your mind that you could, and should, just kick them…hard…. you would think to yourself, ‘I could simply extend my leg and hurt this crazy, little, drunk person right now… with little, or no effort.’  That’s how it would be for me if I had to be around my children, entertaining them every minute of the day.

As I have said before I LOVE my children with all my heart and soul, but I love them because I take them in moderation. I have taught, and am teaching, them to entertain themselves more every single day. Don’t get me wrong, I could never live without them, no way, no how. I have never even been away from them for an extended period of time, but I require time without them in my face, time without the whining, the crying, or the incessant chatter that comes along with children. I require some form of peace in my life, no matter how twisted that form may be.

I think of “Kitty” from ‘That 70’s show‘, she is an adorable mother, a push-over, but adorable….do you know what makes her adorable? She is funny, witty, and cute. She is always spending time worrying about her children, cooking, cleaning, and dishing out advice. Do you know why she can do all these things and still have a smile on her face? Because the woman constantly has a glass of wine in her hand! I would be a far more active mother if I could drink all day as well….not to say that she is a “good” mother, but she participates right?

I really started thinking about all this while talking to a friend on the phone, she is having some slight relationship issues and was upset with herself, it seems due to stress she feels she has not been spending enough time with her daughter. She told me about how she feels awful because there are days when she will place her young child on the computer, in the hopes of getting a little bit of quiet time, and it turns into a whole day of her being an inactive parent. She was dismayed at her lack of interest in parenting at the moment, probably even more devastating due to the fact that she is generally a very involved mother, usually chipper and content to play with her child. I sat and listened to her, and I thought about how I have been as a parent lately myself… you know what I discovered? It’s no big deal! We cannot force ourselves to be that ‘perfect’ mother that bitch June Cleaver portrayed so very many years ago. (lol, sorry just a shot at age, my birthday is coming and I am trying to feel young.) Nor should we try, your children will see the stress in your actions and it will affect them as well. It is best just to accept that there are times in every parents lives when they just don’t want to be parents, that’s completely acceptable.  You would not take a job that required you to work 24/7, so why do we feel we have to do it at home?

If every one of us mother’s had unlimited bank accounts, cleaning services, endless prescriptions to pleasure inducing pain killers, and bottomless bottles of wine…. I am sure that we could all live in make-believe land quite happily. But unfortunately here in reality world it is just socially unacceptable practice to drug yourself in order to achieve that perfect parenting quality…so until society loosens up it is best just to acknowledge that we are not programmed to be perpetually pleasant parents, and simply relax knowing kids are forgiving and as long as you are providing love, and basic necessities at these less than participating moments, they will survive. So kick-back relax and have a drink, after all you work hard, you deserve it! (Besides Barbie Princess is far more interesting after a few glasses of cheap wine!)