What Not To Wear….Please!!!

Knee high boots & shiny tights

Image by Chris-Millett via Flickr

I have been spending time watching the world and the people in it and I have developed a strong opinion in regards to the way people dress recently. I am no “fashionista” myself but I like to think I have some sense of style. I believe I dress appropriately for my figure and age, but apparently this is not the case for everyone. I have noticed a great number of older, and bigger boned women who seem oblivious to the fact that the clothing they are wearing is completely unflattering for their bodies. I wonder if perhaps they live in strange little houses with no mirrors. Perhaps they get dressed in the dark? Perhaps they are mentally trapped in their 20 year-old selves and have no idea that they have aged and grown? Whatever the case I feel almost sorry for these people, and if I could stifle the laughter long enough I would probably pull a “What Not to Wear” and tell them so. 

Let me state right now that this is not meant to offend anyone, no matter your size or age. I have family members and friends all different shapes, sizes and ages but someone has to say this. I will announce that I am glad to see a lady with self-confidence. I believe that every woman should wear what makes her feel sexy, I am not saying that you should walk around in a paper bag just because you have put on a few extra pounds, but in all honestly do you really think spandex is a good choice? 

This goes to the clothing companies as well, why would a clothing company even make spandex in a XXXL? Why would you want to sell something that is going to make someone look so ridiculous? Furthermore plus size clothes with floral patterns! I don’t like floral patterns on the best of days, even more so when you see a woman wearing a whole arboretum. As I said no offence to anyone I mean no disrespect, you must know you look foolish in these clothes, there is no way you are that oblivious. 

This thought also applies to older women who walk around in outfits that were clearly designed with the twenty-something woman in mind. I am glad you are fit, in shape, and healthy for you age. I am happy that you fit in to a size 5 or whatever, but I am sure there are more appropriate articles of clothing designed for a woman of your age that could be just as fashionable. Mini skirts, low cut tops, and knee high boots should be left more to the young, then the young at heart. 

Maybe I am just a bitch, maybe I am rude, but the truth is we have all thought these things; I am simply saying them out loud for the world to hear. I am not putting anyone down I just think that perhaps the next purchase that some people make at Walmart should be a full length mirror, the $9.97 special will do just fine.