Snowpocalypse Sillies…. A.K.A. God This Is Cute (video)

I moved south to get away from the snow, but apparently I brought it with me, (that’s just my sort of luck) because ever since I moved south to the city it has done nothing but snow! In fact it has been snowing so much that the local media dubbed the most recent storm “Snowpocalypse”

Now I hate snow more than anything else in the world. The cold, the dampness, the bitter wind that comes along with it are enough to drive me mad! (yes, even madder than I already am!) No amount of hot chocolate can make it bearable for me, (no matter how much liquor I add!) I just hate snow… (I have said it once, and I will say it again… I was born in the wrong country… Seriously, someone screwed up bad when they decided I should live in Canada)

But tonight as I was browsing Google Reader. (as I do almost every night once the kids are in bed and I am bored out of my mind) I came across a cute video and it reminded me that even though snow is disgusting, cold, damp, and unbearable, every once in a while it does make for some fun (and funny) moments in life that are worth catching on tape (just as these people did with this video)

So..if you are like me and you are snuggled down trying to keep warm and toasty. I hope this video will at least bring some warmth to your heart, and a smile to your face!!