Our False Obsession…

It’s really no shock that today there are an excessive number of women (and men) suffering from eating disorders. With the value that society places on being thin, the chaos and calamity that a normal day offers,and the extreme amount of fast food that is readily available at every turn, and the airbrushed art we the media calls models, there is bound to be some pressure to be perfect.

It’s a sad fact that thousands of young girls are starving themselves at this very moment in an effort to attain this ‘ideal figure’ the media pushes upon them at every possible chance. All one needs to do is open a magazine, or enter a store to see the pressure that women are faced with on a regular basis, billboards boast happiness with unrealistic images of size one women wearing expensive clothes and perfect smiles. I ask, Why is it that people have an obsessive need to look like these make-believe models?

Society is obsessed with weight! People come in all shapes and sizes, it is a fact of life, and it is a fact that is hard accepted. Every second of the day women are taking extreme measures to try to be someone, or something, that they are not. Plastic surgery has made this artificial image attainable for a fat dollar, fad diets rave guaranteed results, and endless numbers of weight-loss pills are being consumed with the hope of shedding pounds and gaining perfectly sculpted muscle. But why?

Why is it that people can not look in a mirror and be happy with who they are? Why is it that being healthy, happy, or successful is never enough? Sure, it is acceptable to want to lose a few pounds to feel good, or be healthy, but why must people get obsessed with an image of something that doesn’t exist?

Take for example the above image. A before and after of the art of airbrushing. In the picture on the left I see a beautiful woman, with an amazing body and flattering curves, yet the image on the right is the one printed in the magazine. The image on the right has been airbrushed to the extreme. Look at the difference in waist size first, this is perhaps the most notable difference between the two pictures. This is not an attainable image for any woman, and yet it is the image that society aims to achieve. Now take a look at the difference between the size, and shape of her breasts, was there anything wrong with them in the first place? This is only one of the many examples of the media creating a false image for women to achieve, what was wrong with her in the first place? The answer… Nothing! She is a stunning woman who, even in the first picture, has a fantastic body, and an equally amazing shape, yet even she needs to be touched up?

I could post pictures all day, not one photo that goes into a magazine will resemble the actual image of the person who has been photographed,

Dove has a fantastic video that EVERY woman should watch called the evolution of a model, it shows the shocking amount of changes that are made to make a woman the ‘beautiful’ you see in the magazines….. You can view this video HERE!

After watching I hope you will share it with others, and I especially hope that you will ask yourself “Why do I aspire to be something that is fake!” What is wrong with the person you are, and the body you were given? You are perfect … just the way you are!!!


7 Types of iPhone Users


I Saw this little joke and I had to share…. For all you iphone Junkies out there …. lol enjoy!!!


Hardcore Pornography

Image by carianoff via Flickr

Well I had a good laugh tonight, (which was much needed at this point in my life) my 7 year-old was emailing his Grandmother to say goodnight (something that he started since we moved to another city and they are fairly close) and as he completed his message and closed the web page to get ready for bed, appearing on the screen, in bold flashing glory, was HARDCORE PORN!!!!!

The look on C’s face was priceless!!! After screaming in shock for him to “close that! close that!” I could not help but laugh… my son (thinking he did something wrong) looks at me with the most distraught look in his eyes and says, “I have NO idea how that got there Mom!!!” God did I laugh! I laughed and laughed, and laughed some more…. I don’t think C found it very funny at all, he was not laughing along with me!!!

Although the look on his face was humorous, (thus causing my inappropriate outburst of laughter) the situation was not funny at all…. In all truthfulness, these kinds of pictures should not be showing up on the screen uninvited. Especially when the only sites my 7 year-old visits are supposed to be geared towards the appropriate age groups….

But I have come to find that this sort of sleaze is a fact of the future. Thanks to technology our children are being exposed sex at a far earlier age….

Now I am aware that there are Nanny Services designed to block out any possibly offensive websites (and apparently I now have to put one on the children’s computer) but the fact is I should HAVE to pay for one of these services… When my child is playing on a children’s website I should not have to worry about him being exposed to this type of trash by accident…. That should be the SITES responsibility…but no instead I have to find, install and pay for a service to protect my child in order for him to use THEIR site!!!!

It’s a little sick actually!!!!


Hello… It’s Ignorance Calling…..

I had to share this! This is the Third reference I have come across today of people complaining about others talking excessively loud on their cell phones……  

Munidiaries.com (drawn diary: Cellphone Talker)

 I talk on my cellphone while using public transportation all the time, and these complaints have caused me some concern… I hope that I am not the inspiration for one of these rants! (that are apparently a big problem at the moment) According to Munidiaries.com there has been an increase in tweets complaining about excessive, and excessively loud, phone talkers. The short post goes on to share readers comments and stories complaining about the phone talkers that they have recently encountered. (Which of course led me to search for more complaints, and I uncovered a plethora of them, found without much effort at all.)

Now, I am a loud talker by nature, in fact my family and friends are constantly telling me not to yell (I think perhaps I am going deaf or something, because I just don’t hear myself yelling!) but, I try to keep my public conversations discreet for the most part. After stumbling across these complaints though, I am sure that there have been times when others have probably overheard bits and pieces of (at least) my end of a phone chat with friends while riding the bus. I do not, however, share my personal life with the entire bus, embellishing every detail of a recent fight with the BF, parenting disaster, or visit to the doctor. I prefer to keep those conversations contained to the privacy of my home, but apparently this is not the case for some of the phone talkers people are complaining about. I read posts about phone talkers who are discussing how to treat STD’s, the right way to perform “foreplay”, and even the one night stand they had over the weekend!!! Really??? Come on now…. Get some class!!! 

Don’t get me wrong if that’s what you like so be it, but the whole bus does not need to know your promiscuous!!!

As for me, I will definitely think twice before I answer my phone on public transit again. Apparently you never know who might be listening to your conversation, or who you may annoy, and I would hate to come across a recent chat to a friend (that I thought was private) about my bratty children, my BF, or my personal problems, on the World Wide Web with some irate passenger complaining anonymously about my poor parenting skills, disgusting language, and lack of respect for others…. I will say that I have come across a few phone talkers that I thought were a little excessive, though they were mostly ‘young’ girls being overly dramatic, and often with the intention of getting another ‘young’ boys attention. For the most part though the “phone-ys” I have encountered are respectful and discreet.

Anyone have an excessive phone talker story???? Are you a loud phone talker????

You Twitt

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase


Twitter: to talk lightly and rapidly, esp. of trivial matters; chatter. – Dictionary.com   

I have to be honest with you. This is not something I am proud of, not something I like to admit to people, but I feel that if you are going to be following my blog there is a certain level of honesty I owe you. I don’t understand twitter! There I said it. Sure I get the basics, it is simple status updates. That is it for me though; I don’t fully understand the concept.    

I use twitter and I enjoy the thrill involved with sharing what I am doing with the world, I get excited when I have new followers, and I enjoy reading other users thoughts, or ideas in the 140 words you are allotted to write. The one major thing that gets to me is the replies, when I see @whoever on a tweet, I don’t understand the concept of this, I don’t know if it is some inside joke that is just going over my head, or if I am just a twit myself for not seeing what others clearly see. I have tried to reply to other users tweets on numerous occasions, but I never seem to get any responses myself, and so I am unsure if I am doing what I am supposed to??? 

It is shameful, I know. I generally consider myself technologically advanced. I know how to use my computer, cell phone, and even my cell phone as a computer. I am an avid Facebook junkie, and I have no issues finding interesting sites on-line to make use of on a daily basis. I have created simple websites in the past using HTML, and I have a number of popular electronics that I know how to hook-up and even use. But put me on twitter, and tell me to do something other than a basic post, and I am LOST!   I have followers on twitter, I update regularly, I even follow a number of very interesting people myself, but I just don’t get it! It seems to be the exact same concept as a Facebook status, but in a different place. It is one of the most talked about social networking sites in the world, yet it is so basic but complex all at once.  Maybe that is the issue; maybe I am just trying to make it more complicated than it needs to be. I tend to do that you know. Perhaps it is just that simple! I guess it doesn’t matter really, I just feel like I am the only person in the world who “just doesn’t comprehend” why this site is SO amazing.   Just a thought!