About Mama

Welcome to Random Musings of a Mad Mama!

A little about me. I am outgoing, outspoken and often outrageous mother of two . I have a tendency to speak before I think, and tell it how it is. I have no issue communicating how I feel if something bothers me, and at there have been times when I have been known to go on rants that offend some. I am unpredictable, and have a wide variety of interests. I read regularly, and I love to write (clearly you figured that out!), I also enjoy singing, dancing, and music in general.

I am a ‘different’ kind of parent; I believe that children, in general, will make the right choices if given the chance. I am more of the ‘sit back and see what happens’ kind of mom…I mean what is the “worst” that could happen right. (Trust me I learned long ago that before you sit back and watch you need to make sure you have thought of every possible “worst” outcome, for some reason children are often far more creative than we are when it comes to disaster!)  I have two children C is my oldest and he is a caring and sensitive boy with a heart of gold and a wild imagination. He is going through the “stuck on stupid” phase at the moment, but I love him just the same, and hold out hope that this is just a ‘phase’ and shall pass (quickly). L is the youngest and she is already the princess of the household. She loves being the center of attention and can put a smile on even the toughest face. She is bright and curious and trouble with a capital ‘T”. She keeps me on my toes, and laughing in the very least (she may also have me pulling my hair out, or screaming into a pillow, but eventually I look back and laugh).

I try to always be positive; I am a strong believer that positive thoughts bring on positive results. I also believe that although you can not control others actions, you can only lessen the impact of them by surrounding yourself with positivity.

I am a ‘word’ person. I try to ensure that I am always understood, and often that means making sure others are aware that I am right! I love to share my thoughts on almost anything, and if I don’t know about it, I will probably speculate anyway. I am open to suggestions, and criticisms, and I love reading people’s comments, so if you are here, and you are still reading and you want to tell me to shut up….Go ahead!

As for what I do to pass time… Well, I am a single mother of two and a full-time college. (ak.a. I don’t get out much… Which suits me just fine most of the time.) When boredom overwhelms me I can usually find some form of entertainment online or with my kid I spend my time cooking, cleaning, and ensuring that my children are not causing themselves any serious harm.

Basically I am a bit of a nut job. I tend to talk far too much for my own good, and I am very blunt with what I say… I am one of those people who is missing the filter between my brain and my mouth. I am starting this blog to share those inappropriate thoughts with you, and voice my overbearing opinions to anyone that will listen, and possibly respond.

So what will I write? Anything I want to be honest with you!  I am VERY opinionated so I am sure something will come to me! I will share with you the interesting things I come across on my daily adventures, parenting tips, fashion tricks (that’s a big one because I believe that some people seriously should not leave the houses looking the way they do… But, More on that later!), and of course, my opinion, thoughts or rants on anything I deem suitable to share. Given the chance I am sure I can entertain you in some way.

Finally a simple warning in advance, though it is not my intention……

This Blog may contain any, or all, of the following; violence, coarse language, mature subject matter and sexuality that may not be suitable for all ages. Reader discretion is advised!

*If you are easily offended, this may not be the site for you.. Perhaps you should head on over to Disney Jr, or some other toddler approved site!*





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