Mother’s Day – It’s the Thought that Counts… Really!

Tonight I came across a list on WebTabLab titled The 15 Worst Mother’s Day Gifts You Should NOT Give Your Mom and I have to say I am appalled by a number of the items listed…

The first item to head up their list of worst gifts is household appliances. Now, while I can understand how such a gift could be considered offensive, the truth is that larger, more expensive household items that your mother desires are NOT a bad idea. I, personally would enjoy receiving a new vacuum cleaner or the latest kitchen gadget as a gift because it is something that I will actually use, and generally would not go out and purchase for myself… It is dependent on the personality of the person of course, but I don’t think it should top the list.

The next item on the list that raises my disagreement is Bath/Body Gift Sets. Though I understand the reasoning they use, this is an item that a mother could go and purchase herself, honestly as a mother how often DO you? If it is an exceptional set that is clearly not off the Walmart discount rack, and the mother enjoys such products it can be a nice gift to give.

Cook Books/Diet Books is the nest item on the list, and though I agree with the diet book being a bad gift, a cook book (for a woman who ENJOYS cooking) can be a gift that will not offend… Though if there has EVER been even the slightest, most subtle hint in the past that this mother needs to improve her cooking, OR she is not constantly in the Kitchen and once upon a time dreamed of being a chef… It could offend her and should be avoided. Cooking Utensils is also on their list and goes hand-in-hand with the information above…

Another item, Jewelery Made By You  is a choice that could go either way. If you are a) under the age of 18 or b) truly talented as a jewelery designer then this gift is a fine choice.. BUT if you are 36 and broke as hell.. it might be better to fake a flu until payday!

Now Exercise Equipment or a Gym Pass would probably be a bad choice unless mom is a health nut or specifically asked for them.  As would an E-Card under any circumstance unless you live thousands of miles away, in a 3rd world country, and can not even afford the stamp to send a “real” one in the mail. There are other items they list I do agree with such as; Cleaning supplies, or Things That Are Not Her Interest, but items that say ‘World’s Greatest Mom‘ can be cute once in a while, and when not overwhelmingly tacky, or as a gift from the kids. As can Homemade Coupons if they are for jobs or tasks that she would appreciate and are actually going to be followed through upon request.

Now getting Momma Nothing is, of course, a bad idea, but I believe any gift… no matter the cost…. is an amazing gift because of the thought. I don’t think that this list should say these are “Bad” gifts, instead simply put thought into your purchase and you are guaranteed to please… because most Momma’s know that any “thought” is worth for more than any value!

Happy Mother’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day – It’s the Thought that Counts… Really!

  1. Love your post. Fantastic idea! Personally, I would have loved a new vacuum (which I desperately need). I would enjoy any household appliance as a gift as long as it’s something I might use. Hope you hade a great Mothers Day!

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