Suds up…

My daily challenge for the day today was to Relax in a bath or shower…Not a difficult task really. I LOVE baths. Lazy, Luxurious. Baths. Bubble baths. Bath salts. Baby oil. Smelly soap. You name it… the hotter the better… Let me soak up the suds.

This ‘oh so difficult’ challenge reminded me of how much I really miss just lazing in a bath to unwind and relax. We had an apartment for a short while that didn’t have a bath tub… It had a shower stall only, and a VERY small one at that. Sure showers are great, they get the job done quickly and efficiently. They are a great way to “wake-up” in the morning when you need to get-up-and-go… but they don’t compare to baths when it comes to relaxation.

We also had an apartment once that didn’t have a shower…It had only a bath tub, and a small one at that. I didn’t mind so much, as I said I LOVE baths, but my husband was not happy with the situation. The bath tub, being about 4 ft in length (at the most) was a tad small for his larger frame, and he looked really funny trying to fit his whole self in to it in order to get clean… Needless to say that arrangement didn’t last long and soon we moved on to an apartment that provided us with both options.

But all this talk about baths really made me think about some of the best part of a bath when you are aiming to unwind, and so here are some tips and tricks to make your bath time a relaxing experience;

Turn up the tunes
One of my favorite things to do is listen to music in the bath. Not only does the radio drown out the sounds of the world outside the bathroom door, it helps my mind to escape for awhile and allows my body to relax. Choose a station or a CD that calms you and take some time to lay back and listen. Be sure to keep the stereo away from the water though, or invest in a shower radio to avoid the danger of electronics near the tub.

Turn down the lights
Set the scene for serenity by turning down the lights and lighting up some candles. There is just something about a bath by candle light that is instantly sensual. Try using smelly candles to pleasure all your senses at once. Again as a warning, be sure that your candles are on a sturdy surface and out of reach of any children that may wander in unannounced.

Bring on the bubbles
When you were a child bubbles became castles, beards, and wacky hairstyles. They provided endless entertainment during bath time, and they just made the experience more fun. As an adult bubbles in the bath provide a sweet smell and some moisture for dry skin. With a variety of different scents you can find the one that relaxes you most and add a few drops to the tub to unwind… heck make a castle or put on a beard too if you like, after all your a big kid now and you can bath yourself!

Loofahs, sponges and washcloths
The weather can create wear and tear on our bodies. Dry skin and flaky scalps are common among varying climates. Go out and grab yourself a good loofah to scrub off that dead skin and make yourself feel soft as a babies bottom. The puffy mesh of a loofah, combined with some great smelling body wash, is a great way to refresh worn out skin and heighten your senses. But don’t forget to wash behind your ears and in your belly button…

Test the temp
I always run into the problem of a bath that is either too hot, or too cold, be sure to get the water temperature ‘just right’ before you climb in. A bath that is too hot will burn your skin, and nothing ruins relaxation like a cold dip in the tub. Check the water temperature periodically as the tub is filling to ensure you create the perfect pool.

Don’t forget the follow-up
Because baths can dry-out your skin it is important that you remember to moisturize after climbing out. Once again find a moisturizer that smells great and makes your skin soft. Apply it to your body while your still wet to achieve the maximum absorption, making your skin feel soft and leaving it with a healthy glow.

A few more ideas to make your bath extra special;

  • Baby oil is a great tool for grown-up skin too. Add a few drops to fight off dry skin instantly.
  • Epson salts help ease aching muscles and relax your body fast.
  • Got a cold or flu? A few drops of Vick’s Vapor-rub in your bath water will clear out congestion and relax an aching chest.
  • Lavender scented bath products will help you sleep.
  • A cup of tea while you in the bath is one of the greatest things in the world.
  • Oatmeal baths ease itchy skin and help treat allergy related issues. Also very soothing for people that suffer from eczema or psoriasis.
  • Essential oils can help create a mood with only a few drops. Lavender for relaxing or citrus for invigoration, even Vanilla to spice things up before a big date. They are affordable and you only need a few drops.
  • Adding milk or powdered milk to your bath has a cooling effect and helps ease sun burnt skin.

No matter what you choose becareful to watch for a reaction or rash, some people have sensitive skin and need to test themselves before submerging their whole body.

Most of all make bath time,” Me Time” Lock the door, lay back and enjoy the warmth it brings, even if it only lasts a few minutes!





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