Two Thumbs Down…. My Life, the movie!

I recently joined a really exciting website called Me You Health a website that provides you with simple, positive challenges each day. These challenges are supposed to inspire you to achieve small, positive goals, one step at a time, and help you to add positive actions to your daily life in an easy way. The site is great because.. a) the challenges are usually fun b) they are easy to do each day, c) other members on the site give you constant encouragement that makes you feel great and d) It really makes you think, and look deeper into yourself… I truly suggest you click the link in this post and try it out for yourself… it is a fantastic way to feel good and be healthy one little action at a time!

Which leads me to the inspiration for this post. Each morning I get an email from Me You Health informing me of what the days challenge is, and in the evening a reminder if I have not yet clicked the “Done” button in the email, so early the other morning I received my Daily Challenge email and it read;

Zoom In On Something in the Movie of Your Life

How to do it: Imagine your life is a movie and you are the main character. Do you like the movie’s plot? Do you like the supporting cast? What title would you give your movie? Now, get deeper into the story and identify one aspect of your life that you would like to either accentuate or improve.

This challenge forced me to look very deeply at my life’s current situation and the conclusions that I came to were shocking….

When I look at “My Life” the movie the first thing I notice is the instability in the plot, and the characters themselves. My life is constantly changing, I don’t seem to have a plan or a direction at the moment, I am not sure I ever have really… This is what this Challenge brought me;

  • My Life the movie would be called Kaleidoscope (because it is ever-changing)
  • I would need more of a supporting cast, as right now there are only 4 characters, a few random one liners, and the odd extra that appears on set…
  • I don’t much care for the current plot and I am pretty sure the script would need to be re-written…
  • It might be rated R….
  • The storyline sucks, and there are far too many boring bits…
  • People would probably walk-out of the theater and demand a full refund…
  • I would be that character you “love to hate”.
  • It would probably bomb at the box office, and the critics would be raving… that is was a waste of time!!

If I had to get deeper I would work on creating a movie that has excitement, romance and a full cast of characters. I would improve the storyline so that it had more direction and humor. I think that the biggest issue in my movie is a lack of conversation… it would be more like a ‘silent film’ at the moment, and silent films went out with the 20’s….

I think I should probably find myself a Damn Good Producer if I hope to make this a hit!!!


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