My Life…. In Shambles!

It has been chaotic around here… to say the least! We are in the midst of moving (Yes, again!) and my life is currently in shambles!

For those of you who have just joined me on my journey let me give you a quick update to get you up to speed… I recently (2 months ago) relocated to ‘the big city’ from the small city of Barrie,Ontario. Packing up the Hubby, kids, toys, and the dog we found a cute little apartment in a quiet area and away we went. The move went well and we were excited to start a new life in a city where we could make new friends, meet new people and start fresh, free of the stresses our old life held….

Unfortunately things don’t always go as planned, (especially in my life) and we ran into a few minor (and by minor I mean major) bumps in the road to happiness. First and foremost, the ‘cute’ little apartment turned out to be a death trap of insanity. With elephants above us, mold in the walls, leaks in the ceiling, and rotting fish in the oven, I was convinced that the world was against me. One little issue kept leading to another and the stress of the mess was causing some major frustrations on the home front. Finally fed up with a landlord who was clearly just ‘in it for the cash’ I decided that I would not scarifice my families health and happiness because some idiot would not step up and do his job…. thus I gave my notice and set out in search of a ‘real’ home. I stumbled across a real gem in the middle of the city. The hubby’s friend called up and told us about the main floor of a house he was renting in, the tenants had moved out unexpectedly and the space was vacant, he asked if we were still looking for a place and if we wanted to see it… We decided to have a look at it. I was apprehensive at first, moving to this house would mean that C would have to switch schools in the middle of the year (again) and it was in an area I had not considered before, but pushing my doubts aside we made the trek over to check it out…

The house was “perfect” (for us) and we fell in love on the spot. There were no leaks, no mold, no elephants upstairs, there was a great yard with room for a garden, the school was 6 doors down, and it was close to the subway! The area was great (although the road is a little busier than I prefer) and there are many shops and stores around to feed my ‘shopaholic’ habit! It was a little more money than I had intended to spend, but it was worth it when you considered all the perks it possessed…. and so we took it on the spot!

That was less than 2 weeks ago!

Since then we have been slowly (and by slowly I mean slowly) moving our stuff out of the ‘death trap’ little by little! We have all the basics and have been spending our nights there, we are currently camped out in the living room with a mattress on the floor until we can arrange to have our couch and bed delivered. We have only a single frying pan, a few cookie sheets and roasting pan to cook with, and it is a bit like going on a vacation in a cabin in the woods. But… it is better than the smell of mold constantly assaulting your nostrils, or the never-ending sound of an out-of-control child stomping, screaming, and slamming things from above. It is better than the repetitive sound of a drip as the ceiling leaks in the bathroom, and it is better than the cramped space of an overheated tiny apartment meant for two… and so I will take ‘roughing it’ for a few days over the drama of the old place any day, besides it allows me to utilize my creativity as I try to concoct a dinner on only a frying pan, or build a fort for the kids to ‘camp’ in through the night!

We will be getting all of our furnishings on Friday and then my task will be set out to organize the new house and try to make it look full with our minimal furniture and belongings… but on the bright side of things it gives me an excuse to go shopping!!!!

Having moved to another area of the city means that ‘C’ is going to have to switch schools, yet again, mid year. I was afraid that this would be upsetting for him, but my little trooper is actually very excited… his reply when I explained the situation… “That’s fine Mom, it means that I am going to have friends all over the world one day, and no matter where I go I’ll know someone!” He is a positive thinker…

So that is the drama of my life so far, things are a bit of a mess at the moment, but the outlook is good and we are optimistic. Most of our stress is diminishing with this new place and we can start focusing on our goals and working towards a better future. We have finally found a great house, despite the fact that I don’t care much for our new landlord (and he doesn’t seem to care much for me either… but that’s another story for another time) it is a really great house, with plenty of space and a unique charm that I adore. I am looking forward to getting my decorating done (which I have already begun, of course) and enjoying life here for a long time to come. I have decided that the next time I move it will be into a ‘purchased’ home, so I think I will be in this rental a VERY long time!

Once we are settled it is back to my regular duties of being a mother, a wife, a writer and a friend, it is back to having fun and sharing laughter. Back to cleaning the house and cooking the dinner, bathing the kids, and being a grown-up… but for now I will go build a fort and hide inside enjoying the moment I have to pretend that life is as simple as a single frying pan…..

Until Next Time….

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One thought on “My Life…. In Shambles!

  1. So glad that you found a better place. I was worried from the moment you blogged rotting fish! LMAO. Keep us posted on your moving adventures 😉

    I love your little positive thinker. Kids say the darnedest things, don’t they?

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