Writer’s Block

I have been suffering from a spell of Writer’s Block. As many writers know this can be a very frustrating situation. Lack of inspiration causes me a fair amount of stress. I hate not being able to write. I often sit staring at a bank screen with no idea what to write. Sometimes I know what to write but each time I try to word it, it comes out all wrong, leaving me still staring at a blank screen!

While suffering these moments, which thankfully I don’t suffer from often, I tend to get a little bit depressed, I get snappy at my family, and miserable with my life. I am a bit hard to deal with during these times, even more than I am regularly….I pity those around me at these times.

You see, writing is my way of relaxing. It is my outlet from stress, my ‘me’ time once the kids are in bed, and my escape from reality. It is the way I let the day, and my emotions, just release. I need to write!

That is why during this bout of Writer’s Block I decided I was not going to sit back and just allow it to swallow me.  No! I decided I was going to take action and fight this monster that chose to burrow inside my mind for the moment, and so I set out on a mission to force myself to write through this wall…

Born from this fight is another blog of mine that I invite everyone to check out… Perfectly Prompted is my fight against writers block. I decided that I was going to force myself to write as much as possible using writing prompts I found online. (and I have discovered there are many to choose from) With the help of these prompts I have found that, not only am I writing more, I am writing better. I am experimenting with different styles of writing, and I am expanding my personal portfolio. It has been an exciting beginning so far and I am looking forward to where it will lead me… You can view my other site Perfectly Prompted …. Here I will be adding my own prompts for you to try out, as well as a list of the sites I have been using. I have posted my responces to the prompts I have tried, and the site that supplied them for me. I know that wordpress offers daily prompts as well and they are excellent, but many times I am not in the mood to write about what I am told to write about, or that specific prompt may not fit my mood, and so it can be helpful to seek out a different kind of prompt that inspires me.

I hope you will check out Perfectly Prompted and I hope that it may help someone else if they are suffering from Writer’s Block. If nothing else I hope it will give you a glimpse into who I am, maybe some inspiration, and possibly some laughter along the way…..

so until next time….

Write On…..


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. It happens to the best if us! It definitely does suck though. I have another blogging friend that is having a spell right now too so I am going to direct him to your prompts.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I got the link to this blog from Thypolar and I have to admit that I find it quite helpful during my current writers block. So thanks for sharing it with me!

    Then to this topic. I recognize a lot of what you say in my own situation. Writing really is a way for me to ease the mind and get rid of the trouble I am facing. So when I am unable to write anything decent, I get cranky and all. I know it is a bad habit, but I just can’t help it. So thank you for sharing the way you deal wth it. I find that website very helpful and will take something from it.

  3. Don’t worry you are not alone, I am a miserable mess when I can’t write. I snap at people, stomp my feet and I have even been known to cry once or twice… writing is my form of meditation, without it I am a bit lost.

    That’s why I decided to start Perfectly Prompted here on wordpress, because when I suffer from lack of inspiration I find that often times even writing about the simplest, silliest things can spark my creativity to write about other issues.

    I hope that it does help you in some way, feel free to visit the site often as I will be posting new prompts and posts often, and also feel free to share your own ideas, responses, and prompts, I love seeing what others have to say. As I said often times knowing that someone is seeing what you have written is the best inspiration of all..

    So thank you, and I am glad if I can help…

    Until next time…
    write on!

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