Hot Shot!

It’s a sad situation that on average most Americans know more about celebrity gossip than they do about politics, history, or current events combined.

The world today is celebrity obsessed… every where you turn there is an abundance of celebrity gossip to be found. Every supermarket has shelves at the cash register that are stocked full of celebrity gossip magazines. You can’t purchase potatoes without noticing bold bogus headlines about one celebrity or another. You are constantly bombarded with media images of perfection gone bad, stories off celebrities gone wild, and tales of which star is currently in rehab. It’s truly sickening!

I am aware that along with the choice of fame, comes the choice of failed privacy, but I think that it has been taken too far. Societies obsession with celebrity has costing people their lives, (Princess Dianna for example) destroyed marriages, and caused countless self-esteem issues in young women today who are trying to live up to unrealistic standards. You have to feel a bit sorry for these people, because although fame is a choice they made, I am sure that they never expected the actual extent of severity it would entail.

One thing I must say on a side note is that these celebrities have it all wrong…. the more you try to hide from the public eye the more they are going to seek you out… why? because the rarer the pictures of the celebrity, the more they are worth… it goes hand in hand with popularity as well the more famous you are the more people are going to want to know about you…. If you are choosing fame as a career, you need to be prepared for the scrutiny that comes along with it, and accept that; although you are going to long for privacy, you are probably not going to get it… sad as that fact is, it is just that…fact! (A sick fact, but a fact just the same!)

But none of these ‘facts’ explain why we put these people up on pedestals and thrive on the drama of their lives. Why we as people feel that they are any better than us, and why week after week celebrity gossip magazines filled with over exaggerated lies sell millions of copies straight off the supermarket shelves…

These people are no different than we are, they work hard to make their money, they have families and feelings just like you and I. They worry about what they are going to wear, or what they should have for dinner. They stress about their work, and their weight. They raise their children and they live their lives….All while under an extreme amount of pressure, yet we sit here and imagine that we are them, we fantasize that their lives are perfect, and we dream about how happy we would be if we could just trade places with them for a day. We relish in the glory when they succeed, and we are captivated when they suffer, often to the point of finding glory in another persons pain… We as people know more about what is going on with Brad and Angelina than we do about the current state of the war. We pay more attention to the dramatics of Lindsay Lohan then the dramatics of our sad excuse for a government. We immerse ourselves in these people’s lives as if they owe us something, like we have the right to know, see, and stalk every detail of where they go and what they do…

Having some interest in your favorite actor is acceptable, curiosity is natural, and fans are what creates such amazing movies as we see today, and allows these people to enjoy doing what they have always dreamed of, but try putting that same interest into the world around you, into the way your country is run, or the state of the earth as it quickly deteriorates. Try taking the time to focus on something that actually matters, something that makes a difference, because when the time comes that the war expands, or the effects of the damage we have caused our earth start to take over, it won’t matter one bit which celebrity is having an affair, how many times Britney has gone crazy, or who is showing a baby bump… have some intelligence, and at the very least some respect….


5 thoughts on “Hot Shot!

  1. Sickening, isn’t it? I don’t understand the obsession, personally. I never did. I’m too bust with my own life and my own issues to worry about anyone else’s. 🙂

  2. I personally don’t mind buying the occasional Celebrity magazine, I like to look at the photos of the outfits and fashion, and reality is, I have a busy life, and ALOT going on, celebrity magazines give me the break for 10 minutes of absolutely nothing. I think the more appropriate topic is why so many people must be internet obsessed and spend so many hours on the internet, or allow their children to sit on the internet for more than 2 hours a day!

    • Another good debate there, and very true. I also don’t mind glancing at the gossip on occasion and as I said these people make the choice to be in the spotlight. There is nothing wrong with curiosity or admiration, it is when it becomes obsession that I have an issue with and I find it very sad that many people know more about what is going on in the lives of the rich and famous than they do the world, and sometimes even their own realities….

  3. What else can I do but agree on this? It’s something I have been thinking about once or twice lately, but I couldn’t have put it down better. It makes me sick to see how much there is a hunt out there for celebrities. You had a couple of good examples and I could add to them: Miley Cyrus, Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian and so on. I can’t see why we would want to destroy their lives by just our desire to know everything they do. We should really stop it. Without them, there wouldn’t be an entertainment industry.

  4. Very much agreed Marcos, I often think of all the celebs gone mad over the last while and you have to have pity for these people because I believe that in part we are responsible for their breakdowns. Why do I think this silly thought??? Because although everyone is aware that by choosing to become an entertainment icon you are choosing to be in the public eye, I don’t think people truly understand the pressure and stress that these celebrities deal with on a daily basis… Imagine every outfit you wear being scrutinized right down to the tiniest detail, every move you make, thing you purchase, or person you talk to being discussed and dissected by millions of people. Imagine horrible rumors being started about you daily and having to explain every choice you make… sure they have money and material things but what good are those things if you are constantly being pushed over the edge with pressure to be thinner, to be fatter, to dress better, to look better, to compete for a part, a picture, or a position on the red carpet…. I think that society’s obsession with celebrities, accompanied by the fact that stars are now starting out younger is causing these people to lose their minds… and then to make matters worse (and kick them while they are down ‘so to speak’) we then frown upon them for their mistakes, and shake our heads in shame turning our backs on them after our obsessive behavior was the leading cause of their corruption!!!

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