To Shave or Not To Shave??? That, is the question!!!


Oh the problematic pondering of women…..

How many times have you had this exact argument with yourself while trying to decide whether or not it is actually necessary to shave your legs??? I know that I have been known to come up with some extravagant excuses to not shave on some occasions. Excuses such as “well I am wearing pants anyway.” or “No one is going to be rubbing my legs so whats the point?” There is the “It’s not that long.” excuse, which goes hand-in-hand with “It’s blonde/light anyway, no one will notice it.”

All of these excuses are acceptable reasons to avoid shaving for a day or two, but ladies if you are beginning to resemble a woolly mammoth please, for the love of God, JUST SHAVE YOUR LEGS!

Shaving takes us what…. 3 minutes total…. yet it is something that we constantly put off until we can put it off no longer… why do women hate shaving their legs so much? Is it the bending, twisting and contorting that we can not handle? Is it the cuts and scars of slip ups from the past that cause some deep rooted fear with in us, causing us to create outrageous excuses to flee furry from the confines of the shower stall leaving the razor shining in the hot mist? What is it that makes such a simple task turn into a personal battle???

Hopefully the above chart will help you through your next battle with self as you fight to find the perfect excuse to NOT shave your legs!!! Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “To Shave or Not To Shave??? That, is the question!!!

  1. Wow, it took me zero time to shave my legs today and it was an instant thought, i didn’t spend any time debating it, I saw the razor in my shower stall and just shaved. Nothing is wrong with shaving, and nothing is wrong with not shaving, this is a personal opinion. I personally like the feeling of my legs smooth….. Yay to freedom of choice! LOL

  2. Lol not so lame, trust me I have come up with less to avoid shaving my legs…. chalk it up to laziness, but I would rather risk having hairy legs sometimes than take the time to twist and turn in the tub to get every little hair off there…. because honestly the only thing worse than not shaving your legs at all, is shaving them and missing a big patch.. it’s far more noticeable to have one random patch of fur, than a whole forest!!! It’s itchy, its too cold, I’m wearing pants anyway, I need a new razor, I can’t find the new razor, I don’t want to climb out of the tub to get the razor…. yeah the list can go on and on….

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