Be Mine….. Valentine!

After reading a Valentines post over at Lori Dyan’s Blog I decided that I would pound out a love post of my own.

Valentines Day has never been my strong point. Living with unrealistic views of romance inspired by Disney Movie lies, I have always longed for a knight in shining armour to arrive on a stallion and sweep me off my feet. I have held images of flowers, fancy dinners, and diamond rings in my mind for as long as I can remember, and I have always been disappointed…..

I am admittedly a hopeless romantic, in the sense that I want romance but I don’t want to have to do any of the work. I have had high expectations of Valentine’s Day my whole life and these dreams have never become a reality… I understand the consumerism that this holiday is built around, I understand that it does not take diamonds to profess your true love, I even understand that I (with my idealistic imagination) put far too much faith in the men in my life…. and so I let these dreams fade as the years passed by.

Today, two kids and many years later I have a different desire on Valentines Day. Now, instead of flowers, (that will wither and die) fancy dinners (that will digest and be forgotten) and chocolates (that will cause cavities) I expect much simpler things…. The best gifts I could ever receive on Valentines Day are…..

  • Time to myself – If I don’t have to get the kids ready for school, make dinner, or do even one of the other 2000 boring things that I do each and everyday, I am a happier person. The simple act of allowing me to sit and relax is one of the best gifts I could ever receive.
  • A unstressful dinner – Hand in hand with time to myself, if you cook me a nice meal (or any meal) I am a happy mama.. Cooking dinner is the most stressful time of the day for me. It seems to be the time when the kids don’t want to entertain themselves, the phone starts ringing, and everything starts going wrong. If you can take that from me, I am yours for life…. plus food is the easiest way to my heart!
  • A good book – Forget the flowers and the candy, if your going to buy me a present get me a book. There is nothing better than curling up with a good book and just getting lost inside the story.
  • Sleep – If I wake up anytime after 7:00a.m. that is a gift. If you let me sleep till 9… It like a little piece of heaven!
  • A break from the chores – If I were to come home to a clean house with dishes done and garbage taken out, that would be a perfect Valentine’s Day treat….

It’s the simple things that matter now. It’s not about diamonds, and daisy’s. It’s the thought that matters, the care and the appreciation that are important now. Maybe in the land of Disney you need a knight in shining armour, but here in my world a man in tin foil is often enough!


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