I Stay Up Too Late Too!!!

I Stay Up Too Late | Be A Fun Mum.

I was browsing the blogs I read on a regular basis when I cam across a post on Be A Fun Mum about staying up too late. The post above talks about how she is up late each night in order to get some “ME” time…. I do this as well, on a daily basis. I stay up well past the rest of the family just to get some much needed alone time. I enjoy the quiet of the night when the kids (and the BF) are sleeping. Sure I could get the same level of silence during the wee hours of the morning, but I am not much of a morning person anymore (probably due to all the late nights) and I much prefer the night time silence to the morning silence anyhow…. When I saw this post I thought I would share it, it is a great blog that I always enjoy reading and this post in particular really hit home for me, and caused me to wonder how many moms seek solitude in the night????


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