Maybe its the bad weather…. the bitter cold, and the endless snowflakes that seem to fall from the heavens daily. Perhaps its the cabin fever, or the kids… or maybe I am just a BITCH! I don’t know, what I do know is that lately everything seems to be annoying me…. most of all the chaotic, disorganized disaster I call a home!!

It seems that no matter how many toys I pick up, papers I put away, or dishes I pile into the cabinets, this house is a constant write off. I clean one room and move on to another, only to return to the same mess I tidied in the first place. (either someone is playing a very mean trick on me, the house is haunted, I am hallucinating, or my family sucks!) Actually…. I think we just have too much stuff! Even after having just

moved to a new home, in a new city, leaving a large amount of items behind, we still have too much damn stuff…. I wonder sometimes where it all comes from!

Every surface in my home becomes a dumping ground for clutter. Every dresser, desk, table, and ledge in this home is filled with papers, junk mail, knick-knacks, and just crap in general! It is driving me mad… clearing the clutter has become an endless battle (a battle that I am losing, miserably!)

Let me drive this home for you, I want you to feel my frustration, I want you to truly understand the extent of chaos as I witness it daily… Just this afternoon I was in the living-room and I looked over at the large L-shaped desk I had recently purchased to house our beloved computers and help organize our work space, and it was cluttered with papers, pens, and other various items that did not belong to this location.  I dove on the job and quickly de-cluttered the area with ease. Problem solved! Perfect! I was content.

It’s funny how clearing clutter off open surfaces is the quickest and easiest way to make a room appear tidier. If ever you have company coming and you need a quick  fix, opt for clearing the clutter rather than washing the floors, it is a fail proof way to make the house appear clean without actually cleaning.  (Yes, It is sad that I am giving you tips on how to clean without cleaning!)

Anyway…. I returned to the room awhile later only to find that the desk had

miraculously, (magnetically?) attracted all that clutter right back to itself…. (mess fairy?) I was livid!!! What’s the point? Why clear the clutter if it is just going to wander back on its own anyway??? Should I just throw in the towel? Wave the white flag and admit defeat? Seems the easiest route in this situation, I mean this is an endless battle that one woman cannot take on alone….. and this woman is exhausted!

Organization has never been my strong suit, I can get things organized in the first place perfectly, but keeping them that way is where the issue lies. (Especially when there are three other people in this house that have no interest in my attempts to create an orderly environment) I could start a business organizing other peoples houses. In fact, I could make millions doing it because I wouldn’t have to keep it that way. I could go in, get it done, and get out. Leaving satisfied customers with clean homes where everything has its place, and there is a place for everything. No problem…. But no matter how many times I do this in my house the clutter comes back, quickly. Perhaps if it was happening over time it wouldn’t bother me so much, I probably wouldn’t even notice it happening, but its not over time…. We are talking instantly here, it’s disturbing really…..

So whats my plan??? Truthfully…. I don’t have one. No, for now I will just keep clearing out the same clutter time-and-time again until I get fed-up and throw it all away…..(or throw out my family, whichever seems easier at the time) Until then I will gear up and meet this profound battle head-on. So…Wish me luck! (Oh and feel free to suit up and join me, I can use all the help I can get. Send a couple of Spartans over if you happen to have them lying around actually, anything to make this easier on poor little me!!)

One thought on “Clear…Clutter…Chaos…Crazy…Cuckoo…

  1. Been there, done that. The kids were much smaller though so it made it difficult to keep things organized. Now that they are older, clutter has gotten much easier to handle and is usually localized to their rooms.

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