Hardcore Pornography

Image by carianoff via Flickr

Well I had a good laugh tonight, (which was much needed at this point in my life) my 7 year-old was emailing his Grandmother to say goodnight (something that he started since we moved to another city and they are fairly close) and as he completed his message and closed the web page to get ready for bed, appearing on the screen, in bold flashing glory, was HARDCORE PORN!!!!!

The look on C’s face was priceless!!! After screaming in shock for him to “close that! close that!” I could not help but laugh… my son (thinking he did something wrong) looks at me with the most distraught look in his eyes and says, “I have NO idea how that got there Mom!!!” God did I laugh! I laughed and laughed, and laughed some more…. I don’t think C found it very funny at all, he was not laughing along with me!!!

Although the look on his face was humorous, (thus causing my inappropriate outburst of laughter) the situation was not funny at all…. In all truthfulness, these kinds of pictures should not be showing up on the screen uninvited. Especially when the only sites my 7 year-old visits are supposed to be geared towards the appropriate age groups….

But I have come to find that this sort of sleaze is a fact of the future. Thanks to technology our children are being exposed sex at a far earlier age….

Now I am aware that there are Nanny Services designed to block out any possibly offensive websites (and apparently I now have to put one on the children’s computer) but the fact is I should HAVE to pay for one of these services… When my child is playing on a children’s website I should not have to worry about him being exposed to this type of trash by accident…. That should be the SITES responsibility…but no instead I have to find, install and pay for a service to protect my child in order for him to use THEIR site!!!!

It’s a little sick actually!!!!


One thought on “Sex-Rated

  1. Oh my God that’s horrible! And would make me laugh as well. I completely understand your frustration and it truly is sick that it’s become as bad as it has.

    When these types of things happen, I always try to assure myself that it somehow could’ve been worse. I think it’s great though that your son emails his grandma goodnight. I love it 😉

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