Meet The Crazies

I figured I would share some more personal stuff with you, help you get to know my family, and see what exactly makes us tick….. (Loose screws and all)

Our little family consists of 4 people and a dog (who is the equivalent of us ‘smaller’ three.)

I am Mama… I am the talkative one of the family. I drive the BF crazy with my constant babble. I just can not stand silence and I like to share my thoughts (all of them) on a regular basis. I enjoy having in-depth discussions, debates, or even just simple chats. I like to hear what others think (OK that’s a lie, I usually don’t give a rats ass what others think, but I want them to know what I think, and agree with it at all times) I love writing, I read a lot (well not a lot lately, but usually..) I am the one who does the cooking (a.k.a: attempts to cook) the one who does most of the cleaning (when I feel like it, aka: when BF starts to complain about the thick layer of dust, pile of dishes, and mountain of laundry) and the one who bathes, feeds, and for the most part cares for the children…(again, on a when I feel like it basis) I am an attention craving B***H, I drive BF nuts with my constant need for attention (something that I have required all my life) and my insane ideas. I make my children laugh with my constant chatter, silly voices/faces, and insane ideas. I am a generally happy person and I have been told that I am one of those “perky” people. (You know the type you just don’t want to see before 9 a.m. or your morning coffee, whichever comes first!) and I am a major procrastinator….

BF on the other hand is more of the “strong silent” type. He is a very private person, once a “Bad Boy” he is now content being a ‘family man’. His motto is say less, period. I can sit and chatter away to him all day and get a total of maybe 3 simple responses. He is not an overly social person, and people sometimes mistake his lack of communication as arrogance. (or ignorance) He is somewhat shy, (where I much prefer to have the full attention of an entire room of people at all times) and he keeps to himself for the most part. We have very little in common, but the things we do share, we share deeply, and we bicker like an old married couple. We both have short tempers and are hot-headed, which makes for some tense moments, and neither of us ever like to admit when we are wrong…. (which he usually is) We also have very different parenting styles (which is usually the sole cause of short tempers and hot headedness!) and has led to us having two very strange children….

C is 7 years old and is my son from a previous relationship. C is a caring and considerate little man. He is a mama’s boy through and through. He is handsome, and sweet, with a gentle manner to him. He could not hurt a fly and simply sees the love in every situation. But being a boy he is going through a phase right now where he lacks even basic commonsense. Sometimes I just stare in awe as I watch my beautiful son do some of the stupidest things a child can do. He tries so hard to be good that he ends up getting into trouble. He comes across as sneaky at times because of this phase, and is often difficult to talk to because of his wild imagination and his age (I find boys between the ages of 7 and 11 are stuck battling between being a child and a “big boy”, basically, they are kind of annoying!!) But I am sure that this phase will pass in time and I am confident that he will be a caring and intelligent man as he grows (overly sensitive perhaps, but there is no harm in that!!)

L on the other hand is almost 11 months old now and she is the little brat of the family. With a face like an angel she has the ability to get away with almost anything with a simple smile. She is independent, determined, and spoiled rotten. Thankfully she is a very happy baby and adores her older brother more than anything in the world. She is going to be a daddy’s girl without a doubt, and their resemblance is sometimes frightening. But she is beautiful, smart, and amazing and provides endless hours of entertainment for our family….

The dog on the other hand is the most spoiled brat of them all… The BFs baby, she is not one of those “follow the kids everywhere” kind of dogs. She is a bitch who basically lays about and looks at you like your crazy, and with her being a 100 pound rotti, we don’t have much to say about it!!! But she is calm and loving, and she definitely keeps us safe, so we have grown used to having her around….

We are slightly dysfunctional as a family, in fact, we are like a “real life” version of the Simpsons at times (except I like to believe that the BF is a little more intelligent than Homer, and I am a lot less of a pushover than Marge) but despite our differences we are a happy family, and we make a great team when we do work towards the same goal.


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