Sit Down, Shut-up, and Get Ready to Learn…

Short post tonight, my brain is exhausted…..

Well the excitement of homework may have worn off my son this evening. After 45 minutes of exercising his brain on a new form of math that he has never seen before, (so much for the province wide curriculum) I could read the level of frustration on his face. My frustration was more noticeably set in my tone of voice (but I managed to hold it together) C was learning about numbers and how they are broken up into ‘one’s, tens, and hundreds’ (remember those little stacks of cubes you had to deal with in elementary school) But he managed to grasp the concept and complete the work, that is all that matters!!!

But as for math, he may not love it as much as he thought he did this morning, and homework may be a passing excitement in his life….. But he worked hard, and did the best he could, so I couldn’t be prouder!!!!

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