The Elephant In The Room

As if the fish hidden deep within my stove wasn’t bad enough, there is also the issue of the garbage piled up in the back stairway driving me crazy (thankfully the landlord agreed to have a junk company come and remove it ASAP) Then there is the leak in the bathroom ceiling (but that too is getting fixed) The biggest problem I am having with my new home though, is one that is not easily fixable!

I love the space I have in my new apartment, the layout works perfectly for my little family. We have space to get away from each other when needed, and space to gather when we wish to be close. It is bright, airy, and warm. (All of the things my last apartment was lacking.) The neighbourhood is amazing and I have been enjoying all the conveniences it supplies. I could not be happier, except for the people upstairs…..

I swear to GOD there must be elephants up there!!! These people sound like they are going to come through the floor at any moment, they are VERY heavy on their feet. And their kid……wow! Don’t even get me started on their kid….. I can not even tell you honestly whether they have 1, 2, or 5 up there, but however many there are, the kid is BAD!!! (I discovered there is only 1 which makes this situation that much more disturbing…read on….)

Call me crazy, but I feel that structure and routine are an important part of a child’s life. In my household there is a set bedtime, set meal times, and set times for almost everything, but apparently for the devil child upstairs bedtime is what ever time she pleases!!! Not that it should be my business, or place, to pick apart someone’s parenting style, but I will tell you why (in this case) it is my business…

I won’t lie, I am not a big fan of children in the first place. (even my own piss me off on a regular basis, and cause me to question wtf I was ever thinking when I decided to reproduce) but I can usually at least smile and bear it. (or deal with it on some level, which usually improves with each glass of wine) I will also explain that I have never had an apartment where someone lived above me, so I am not sure what the acceptable noise level is in such situations…. But this has to be excessive, there is just no way that a person allows their child to make this much noise without thinking “wow, maybe that is a bit much”

Allow me to expand a little. This child above my apartment sounds as if it is bowling all day long. She is constantly jumping, running, and banging on the floor (which is hardwood flooring btw, or at least I assume it is, if it is not hardwood that this child is beyond crazy and I don’t know what to tell you) Not only is this child treating the house like their personal playground, there is also the issue of the screaming(OH YES, There is screaming….) Just last night this little spawn of satan was screaming for 2 hours straight. I assume that the parents had decided it was bedtime (finally, at 10:30pm) and the child clearly disagreed, thus causing this child to scream uncontrollably until nearly 1 in the morning… I was ready to rip my hair out, seriously! (I actually thought horrible things during this screaming session; some of those thoughts??? I was wishing this child would a) Choke b) Break her leg c) Get removed by the authorities at that exact moment!!! If there is one thing I dislike more than children, it is screaming children!)

Perhaps I am just a bitch, (I mean that is a possibility) but in my house that kind of thing just doesn’t happen. My children DO NOT run, jump, bang, or yell.. those things are done outdoors, not in the comfort of my home. There is no fight for bedtime (although L does cry for a short period, it is to be expected at 10 months old, but will not be acceptable at 2 and 3 years-old) My children are rarely awake after 8 p.m. and even if they were they would not be running around the house, jumping off furniture, and driving my neighbours mad. In fact, I had a very long conversation with my son about respect and the acceptable amount of noise you can make when living in an apartment. I told him that you had to be thoughtful of the people who live above and below you at all times, and that loud activities were geared for outdoor play, not for inside the apartment. It was a conversation I had more out of routine than actual need, my son is generally quiet (although he does tend to talk too much, his voice is rarely at an elevated level)

When the child is not jumping around or screaming (which seems to be all she is doing all day and night) it is the parents stomping around the house, last night during the childs screaming fit, these parents actually cranked their music so they couldn’t hear her. (Which I can understand completely, but honestly what good does that do for your neighbours idiots… go live in a house! Seriously!)  Apparently this child is either too young for school (in which case it should definitely be in bed before 11 p.m.) or does go to school, and I just have not noticed when it’s gone (in which case it definitely should be in bed before 11p.m.) Even if it is old enough and just does not go to school, (for reasons such as homeschooling or whatever the case may be) a child should just be in bed before such late hours for the sheer benefits it provides. Children need their sleep in order to function on a sane level. They need sleep to grow and be healthy. They just need sleep, period.

Not only do they need sleep, parents need the peace and quiet. I have never understood parents who allow their children to be up at all hours for the simple fact that those hours after the children go to bed is “me” time. My children go to bed at 7:30 p.m. almost everyday of the week and 8 p.m. on weekends, there are very rare occasions when they will be awake later, but for the most part they follow a strict bedtime routine. I need this routine just as much as they do. My son C falls to pieces without a sufficient amount of sleep. (He does not get grouchy like some children, but instead gets overly emotional, bursting in to tears at the drop of a hat) L on the other hand turns in to a whining, crying, little bitch!! She can not function without her sleep, in fact at 10 months old she has 3-4 naps a day and sleeps through the night. It’s just the way we were made, they must get it from me because for the last 2 years I am rarely awake after 11p.m. and if I am, well… lets just say you probably do not want to converse with me the next day, because I NEVER sleep in, and I am BITCHY!!!!

Anyway… the point is that these insane elephants upstairs are the only cause of stress to me at the moment, but it is stressful. I guess I just don’t understand how you can choose to live in an apartment and not have at least a mild amount of respect for the needs of your neighbours. If you want to be loud, rude, or let your chid run around like a crazy person, that’s your choice, but I suggest you get a better job and go live in a house (In the country, in fact, in a whole other country even!!!) Where you won’t disturb your neighbours!!!!


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