There’s Something Fishy Going On Around Here…..

Those of you that have been following along are aware that I recently moved, relocating, (on a whim) from a smallish town to the big city. The move went smoothly, even despite the fact that the BF woke up Friday morning and decided at 8 a.m. that this was the day to move (our plan was to move on the Saturday) Still, we managed to get a truck, and a great deal on it as well (somehow managing to get a 17 foot truck for the price of a 10 foot one, and getting a huge discount on the mileage) BF and his friend had the entire house packed, and loaded within an hour, and we were happily on the road to our new home…

I managed to unpack within the first two days and the house is cozy and functional, but (Yes, there is a but) there was one issue that was preventing me from really getting settled in our new home….

There has been a pungent odour in our house since the day we moved in, and it has been driving us crazy! My frist thought was that the smell was coming from the fridge, but even after a thorough cleaning the smell was still present, and strong. I then thought that the smell was a result of a large pile of garbage I found piled in the back hallway of the building. Not just a large pile actually, this is an excessive amount of garbage. The BF even put a note on the front door politely asking that whoever owned the garbage remove it as it was causing an odour in our house. The note prompted a knock on the door from a very apologetic neighbour, explaining that the garbage did (in a sense) belong to them, as they had found it in the apartment when the moved in a short time ago and put it in the stairway because they didn’t know what else to do with it. (The city has a 1 bag limit, and will not pick up such a large amount of trash all at once) So he agreed to move it, and I informed him that I would email the landlord to have a junk removal company come and collect it off the street…

But… The odour still remained. Convinced that it wasn’t due to the excessive garbage, the BF went on a hunt for the source of the smell, he pulled out all the vents, checked the cupboards, and moved the appliances. This morning while he had the stove pulled out in search of the offensive odour I decided to clean the walls and floor of the area. Once I completed this task the BF began to move the large appliance back into place when a small amount of liquid seeped out from inside the appliance…..

The smell from this liquid was raunchy (to say the least) and we both began gagging uncontrollably…

Clearly, this liquid was the cause of the repulsive odour that had been driving us mad, and forcing us to seriously question the move altogether. So.. I figured that the only solution to the problem was to disassemble the stove and clean it thoroughly, ensuring that it was meticulously clean from top to bottom….

As I began my cleaning mission I noticed that the smell was getting stronger and stronger. I covered the entire surface with oven cleaner, using almost an entire bottle on one area, but still the smell remained. I removed burners, racks, and knobs, but still the smell remained. Finally there was only one piece of appliance left to disassemble, the bottom drawer of the stove. Slowly I slid the drawer out, removing it completely (by this time the sheer potency had caused the BF to flee the scene) What I found behind the drawer was revolting!!!!!

There, stuffed deep inside the crevices of this appliance was an ENTIRE FISH!!!! Left to rot in the heat of my household!!!!

SERIOUSLY!!! A whole rotted fish was shoved inside my stove!! LIKE WTF???

This is “one of those things” that you have heard about, that you have read about, that you have even seen on T.V. But you have never actually believed that it could happen in real life…. Let alone to you, in your house, in your kitchen!!

That, my friends, is the true definition of CRAZY!!!

So, seeing this whole fish shove deep inside the crevices of my oven, I did what any woman in my situation would do… I screamed at the top of my lungs!!! BF came running like a bat out of hell, and stopped dead upon sight of this rotted, decomposing, poisonous fish body that was placed beneath our appliance assumingly, in the hopes that it would never be found. Thankfully though, he did muster the strength to remove the fish, and wipe the sticky, vile smelling goo from area before gagging his way out the door… Leaving me standing in the kitchen in tears of shock, while I contemplated exactly what kind of person would do such a disgusting thing????

I understand being angry with your landlord. I even understand being completely pissed off to the point of no return. I, myself, have had some landlords over the years that I have wanted to seek revenge upon, but to actually shove a fish inside the stove and leave it to rot until (if lucky) the next tenants stumble upon it at 7 a.m. one morning!!!!!!! Now That is just plain NUTS!!!!

Needless to say, I scoured the entire house in search of any other unwanted gifts. I used an entire economy sized bottle of bleach on the kitchen, and have since showered twice. I did find a few dried up shrimp hidden in the kitchen area as well, but no other fishy surprises throughout the rest of the house thankfully.

I don’t think I will ever be able to eat fish again, and GOD that smell. I can not get it out of my nose!!! Seriously…. who does that????? Like wow!

All I can say is, “Only MeOnly in My Crazy Life, could something so strange happen… Honestly, will I ever have a normal day?????

What I am most thankful for is the BF’s unrelenting search for the cause of the smell… had he not been so insistent that the smell was more than just the garbage we may have never found this decaying fish beneath the stove, and imagine what it would have smelled like tonight when I attempted to cook a roast in the oven!! Imagine rotted fish baking on low for several hours…OH-MI-GOD that would have been awful!!!

I think I will go kiss him right now just to thank him for following his nose and being such a brave man, saving me the fate of removing this rotted carcus!!! We may be the “Better” half, but they are still useful for some things!!!


8 thoughts on “There’s Something Fishy Going On Around Here…..

  1. HAahahahahah…. I am so happy that you found what was the cause of this. One of those memories of ‘new home’ you will never forget!

  2. OMG! That’s horrible. That’s like one of those Godfather moments where you wake up with a horse’s head in your bed, right? LOL. At least you found the source of the ungodly odor and can move on 😉

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