Hello… It’s Ignorance Calling…..

I had to share this! This is the Third reference I have come across today of people complaining about others talking excessively loud on their cell phones……  

Munidiaries.com (drawn diary: Cellphone Talker)

 I talk on my cellphone while using public transportation all the time, and these complaints have caused me some concern… I hope that I am not the inspiration for one of these rants! (that are apparently a big problem at the moment) According to Munidiaries.com there has been an increase in tweets complaining about excessive, and excessively loud, phone talkers. The short post goes on to share readers comments and stories complaining about the phone talkers that they have recently encountered. (Which of course led me to search for more complaints, and I uncovered a plethora of them, found without much effort at all.)

Now, I am a loud talker by nature, in fact my family and friends are constantly telling me not to yell (I think perhaps I am going deaf or something, because I just don’t hear myself yelling!) but, I try to keep my public conversations discreet for the most part. After stumbling across these complaints though, I am sure that there have been times when others have probably overheard bits and pieces of (at least) my end of a phone chat with friends while riding the bus. I do not, however, share my personal life with the entire bus, embellishing every detail of a recent fight with the BF, parenting disaster, or visit to the doctor. I prefer to keep those conversations contained to the privacy of my home, but apparently this is not the case for some of the phone talkers people are complaining about. I read posts about phone talkers who are discussing how to treat STD’s, the right way to perform “foreplay”, and even the one night stand they had over the weekend!!! Really??? Come on now…. Get some class!!! 

Don’t get me wrong if that’s what you like so be it, but the whole bus does not need to know your promiscuous!!!

As for me, I will definitely think twice before I answer my phone on public transit again. Apparently you never know who might be listening to your conversation, or who you may annoy, and I would hate to come across a recent chat to a friend (that I thought was private) about my bratty children, my BF, or my personal problems, on the World Wide Web with some irate passenger complaining anonymously about my poor parenting skills, disgusting language, and lack of respect for others…. I will say that I have come across a few phone talkers that I thought were a little excessive, though they were mostly ‘young’ girls being overly dramatic, and often with the intention of getting another ‘young’ boys attention. For the most part though the “phone-ys” I have encountered are respectful and discreet.

Anyone have an excessive phone talker story???? Are you a loud phone talker????


2 thoughts on “Hello… It’s Ignorance Calling…..

  1. I always keep my voice as low as possible when on my cell during ttc time. I do this because firstly I prefer to keep my conversation between me and the other person on the line, as much as possible, and secondly, its rude to be so loud on the bus chatting a mile a minute with no regard to the person next to you. Thats my own personal view of course. YES i have heard all sorts of phone conversations and some of which are people cursing on the phone to the other person (relationship argument?) and swearing….. It lacks all class and looks real immature, but than again, maybe they don’t mind looking like that.

  2. I dont use public transportation but I have been irritated by people in stores quite often. I have no problem with people talking on their cells through a grocery store or whatever because I do it all the time. I DO have a problem with someone who insists on yelling into their phone, especially when standing right next to me or passing by me in an aisle. People just need to become more aware of those around them, is all.

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