My daughter L is now 10 months old. This is one of those great ages where you actually get to “watch” their little brains develop each day. She has been saying “Dada” for quite some time now, but it has been my constant mission to have her say “mama” since the day she was born. I sit with her, (sometimes for very long periods at a time) and incessantly repeat “mama, mama, mama…” in the hopes that she will mimic my sounds.

Apparently my little devil angel finds it amusing to copy every sound I make day-to-day except that one! She will copy when you say “dada” or “baba”. She even makes an attempt at her brother’s name saying “Cha..” “Sssss…”, and any other sounds you happen to make using your mouth… but say “mama” and she just laughs in your face. I swear it is some evil plot she has conspired with her Daddy to drive me completely insane.

The other day while Big brother was at school and Daddy was out doing errands, L and I were alone in the house. I sat for a while drilling the sound into her head (“mama, mama, mama”) with no sign of success. Giving up, I laid her down for an afternoon nap, and got down to business cleaning the house. Time flew by, and a while later I heard whines coming from her crib indicating that she wanted out of the ‘cage‘ that we adults call her bed. I went through the motions of the after sleep schedule; changing her diaper and setting her up with some toys to amuse herself with while I continued to putter around the house.

I was straightening up the livingroom when she started crying and searching the house (on all fours) for me. Not wanting to go and get her (a habit I am trying very hard to break in this house, it’s hard because she is just so damn cute) I waited for her to find me. The little pitter patter that accompanies a crawling infant soon grew closer to the room I was in, and within seconds a beautiful, but tearful, little girl was looking up at me with lonely eyes. Reaching her arms up for me to lift her she whimpered “mum” I gasped…. jumped up and down…. and grabbed her up off the floor (near squishing her to death with excitement and I hugged and kissed her with all my might!)

We were still jumping for joy when her Daddy walked in, (By “we: I mean “I”, she was in my arms looking a little confused to be honest with you) overwhelmed with excitement I told her Daddy (who was looking at us like we were aliens from another planet that had just explained to him that we were here to dissect a section of his brain) what had happened! What my beautiful, smart little angel had said! I put her back down on solid ground just so she could say the word again so Daddy to share in my excitement….

Do you know what happened???

That little brat darling made me look like a completely insane liar!!! Oh yes she did!

“Say Mama L..” I told her. L stared back at me with innocent eyes. “Come on hunny, show Daddy, say mama” A look of confusion crosses her face as she looks at her Daddy and spits out “Dada” as she raises her arms to him.

I WAS LIVID! (Ok maybe livid is exaggerating it a little, but I was disturbed for sure!)

This evil man had brain washed my baby, and was trying to give me a mental breakdown, that was the only explanation I could see for the complete insanity I was watching occur right before my eyes.

“She said “Mum” I swear she did, just put her down and we will go hide, when she finds us then you’ll see. We just have to make her cry first, then she will say it!”

At this point the evil, conspiring, baby altering, maniac of a man just looked at me like I was absolutely loopy. “Make her cry? That’s mean!” was all he could say.

“Not cry, cry” I replied “Just cry a bit, like she thinks she has been abandoned. Only until she comes to find us and says “mama”, not for long.” I explained in a calm matter-of-fact tone. I wasn’t telling him to beat the damn kid, just hide from her and make her think she has been left alone…

Baby L in his arms, he shook his head and walked into the other room. I swear I saw her smirk over his shoulder, and I could hear them playing “Dada” “Dada” “Dada”…….

Maybe I should install one of those Nanny-cams, that way I could either catch the brainwashing, or at the very least have solid proof the next time she slips up and says “Mama”!!!


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