Pack It Up!

This post a day thing might get difficult over the next few days as I am busy preparing to move. Things around this house are hectic there is stuff everywhere, no co-ordination what-so-ever, and I am running on empty. I am bitchy, miserable, and most of all tired…. So I will keep it short and sweet today with some tips on packing to move…. in others words here is some advice for NOT doing what I did;

  • Make a list – you should have a list of everything and anything that needs done before, during, and after the move. Things that need packed, things that need thrown away, and things that need something done and you don’t have any clue what it is. Make a list of the lists if you must….
  • Use sturdy boxes for fragile items – and mark the FRAGILE in big bold writing, Twice!! Three times even, if possible attach a big flashing sign.
  • Utilize bubble wrap – if bubble wrap is not available, or your wonderful family has popped it all before you have had a chance to use it, than you can use newspaper or sheets, but for the love of god use something, there is nothing worse than reaching in to unpack a box of broken glass..
  • Heavy items should be packed in small boxes – using a big box for heavy things just makes it even heavier. It might seem like a practical choice to pack all the books together in one big box, but if you have ever tried lifting a big box of books…. well lets just say it is not actually practical at all!!
  • Label your boxes – Again with the big bold writing. Another option is to color co-ordinate, eg: red sticker = livingroom, green = bathroom, etc…. You are sure to end up with some green in the red, or blue in the green, but for the most part it makes placement of the boxes easier and saves you moving them all out of one room later to unpack.
  • Start packing as early as possible – by packing a little at a time you will save yourself the stress, and actually be more organized. Doing a small section each day is easier than packing an entire house over the weekend…. hmmmmm… who would have thought???
  • Be sure you book the movers – It is best to book the truck or movers early. Then you must confirm the date and time, and confirm it again, if you are really paranoid confirm a third time the evening before, or the day of… there is nothing more stressful than arriving to pick-up your moving truck to discover that Pablo the rental guy has sent it out to someone else….. be cautious and on top of the movers at all times!!!!

Well that’s it for tips from me.. I am now going to shove everything I own into 2 boxes and be done with it…. ciao!


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