Moving Out….Of My Mind That Is!!!

Oh the joys of moving! Recently accepting an apartment in the city on a whim, after experiencing some major difficulties with my current landlord means that it is going to be moving time very soon. As I said I do things on the fly, usually without much thought in the process… I am an act first think later kind of person. Upon returning home from the new apartment today where I spent a few quick hours cleaning in preparation for our move I looked around my small 2 bedroom apartment, that currently houses; 2 adults, 2 children and a large dog, and I was overwhelmed with the thought of packing. A quick glance of my apartment reveals that I have been living on the border of hoarding for quite some time now… I don’t actually hoard things I just have more space than room at this point in my life. I am not a hoarder because; unlike those sad people you see on A&E crying over a piece of garbage, I have NO SENTIMENTAL ATTACHMENT TO MY STUFF WHAT-SO-EVER!!! I could trash pretty much everything today and not feel two ways about it. (excluding pictures, and items of memorabilia)

Because of the delicacy of the situation we have found ourselves in, we have decided that the sooner we can move the better, and so I decided that tonight would be as good a time as any for me to start making lists. Some people live off lists, I am not one of those people… I don’t stick to lists, in fact I make grocery lists that I either forget at home, or ignore altogether once I arrive at the store. I make To Do lists that hang on the fridge untouched for decades. Lists just aren’t my thing. But due to the need for at least minor organization (mostly for a mildly less stressful move) I have to create a few lists at least.

The first list, I decided, should be the list of things I am NOT keeping. Among those items were; Two dressers, a stereo stand, a table, two T.V’s, a bed, two toy boxes, and a futon…. to name a few! Besides the ‘big’ items I am sure there will be many smaller objects to add to this list in the following days. I figure that I will post them online for free and what is not taken that way can go out to the curb with the trash on moving day, easy as pie!

The next list is compiled with items that ARE being kept, such as; one dresser, a crib, one toy box, two bookshelves, a bed, and two T.V’s… not much different than the NOT keep list I suppose, except that instead of a short trip to the curb these items will have an hour long journey in the back of a truck from our current home to our new one in the city.

Next is a list of items we need to BUY for the new house. Items like; Shelves, a shoe-rack, bath mats, broom/mop/dust pan, welcome mats, curtains, bedding, etc… The basics of a new place.

Finally is a list of items that we need to get in the LONG-RUN, for example; New light fixtures, (the ones already there are ugly) Tiles for the kitchen/bathroom floor, (again very ugly) Two folding closet doors, and new kitchen items. These things can be added overtime as we find them, and there is no rush involved in purchasing them at this point.

Besides the lists the rest of the process seems to be going smoothly, I enjoy the house itself, and although it is not much bigger than my current residence, the layout is more functional and the space itself is in more livable condition. The area is better and more accessible, and I am just happier in general there. After spending the better part of the morning cleaning the space, it is starting to feel like home already. I can see myself there, picture my life there, and imagine my stuff arranged perfectly in the rooms.

Now if I could only go to sleep tonight and have Mary Poppins come and pack this house for me so that I can wake up and get on with it, life would be great!!!

But no such luck , so in the meantime here are a few tips to remember when you are getting ready to move, and perhaps lighten the mood while you do at least;

  • Don’t pack the dog and the cat in the same box.
  • Wear plenty of deodorant on moving day.
  • It’s okay to curse at heavy or awkwardly shaped furniture.
  • Make lots of friends before you move.
  • Resist the urge to pop all the bubble wrap before packing the fragile items.
  • Beer has the amazing ability to persuade people into doing things they don’t actually want to do.
  • Make lists, even if you don’t use them it makes you feel productive. In fact make a list of the lists you need to make.
  • It may be a better option to just dispose of everything you own, and buy all new stuff upon arrival. Weigh the pros and cons.
  • Purge, purge, purge… if you don’t know what it is, what it does, where it came from, or when you last used it, TRASH IT!
  • Packing tape is not an acceptable form of daycare.
  • Packing boxes are not designed for shipping children, you must ensure you add air holes first.

Honestly, not to come across as lazy, even though I am, but the best advice about moving is to hire a moving company to do it for you. In fact if possible you should shell out the extra dough and they will even pack for you. It is the only way to ensure a ‘less’ stressful move. (Until you open your boxes and discover that Pedro the mexican moving boy have broken every single thing you own… but, at least it got there without you having to carry it all, right?)

There’s the doorbell, hopefully that’s Mary Poppins now… Hell I’d even settle for Pedro at this point, or a big garbage truck. Cross your fingers and wish me luck.. I need it, because truthfully…. I quit already!!!!

One thought on “Moving Out….Of My Mind That Is!!!

  1. I admit that I HATE moving. It’s awful. You have a good set of tips though. Lots of deodorant is a must and be sure to bribe any potential helpers with beer. Just don’t let them drive the moving truck!

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