Old and Decrepit….

I think I have finally come to terms with the realization that I am getting old! This shocking information came to light in the form of New Years Eve… while most other people my age were out at parties, bars, or spending time with friends. I opted for a quieter celebration ceremony. The bf and I decided that we would celebrate by taking my parents out for a nice dinner at my moms favorite restaurant, then head home to ring in the new year with a bottle of wine!!!

Luckily we easily found a babysitter for the little devils angels, and headed out early, armed with our reservation number. I should probably add that it took me 3 hours, and at least 19 outfit changes, before I was ready to go. The clothes I had purchased for the evening suddenly seemed baggy (even frumpy) once I was standing in front of the mirror at home, so instead of the charcoal grey dress pants, plum-colored fitted dress shirt, and flowing black shrug I planned to wear, I ended up in jeans and a dressy blouse… not exactly New Years attire, but I was comfortable, and I was wearing clothing, to me that was satisfactory enough.

Upon our arrival at the restaurant I was glad that I had pre-planned enough to get a reservation, the place was packed full… people were lined up out the doors waiting to get in, and piled up indoors waiting to get seated, even with the reservation we waited about 20 minutes or so for our seat…. But dinner was fantastic! The restaurant we went to was a buffet style with every type of food imaginable. My mother, in her glory, enjoyed a feast of many different seafood delights. My father and the bf were more content with ribs, steak, and other ‘man’ food, while I tried a little bit of everything. It was a good time, we chatted, filled up, and left happy….

Happy and tired apparently…. Upon arriving home I poured two glasses of wine and sat down with the bf to ring in the New Years, and watch the City TV New Years Bash Countdown…..

Well…..The next morning I awoke to find two glasses of wine sitting right where I had placed them, untouched, and the sad realization that we hadn’t made it anywhere near midnight!!

Although the night was wonderful it got me thinking about New Years Eves of the past. In my younger days I probably would have been dressed to the nines, (the nines being: a skin-tight, too short, flashy, trashy dress, with strappy, sparkly, shamefully uncomfortable stilletos, and not much else) I probably would have overpaid for tickets to a local club, where I would have seen the same people I saw any other day of the year, doing the same things they always do, while listening to the same music that the same DJ always plays… I would have danced too much, drank too much, and probably would have woke up on the bathroom floor….

This seemed to be the general pattern of New Years Eve in my ‘younger’ years. So… although it may be depressing to admit that age and maturity are finally catching up to me after two children, and countless lessons learned, I can proudly say that I awoke New Years Day comfortably in my bed! No headache, no hangover, and no mess to clean-up. I guess growing up is not all that bad!


One thought on “Old and Decrepit….

  1. Amen to that! I was one of those women who dressed in way too little in heels that were way too high. I was always extremely uncomfortable but comfortable in the fact that I looked good. This was standard up intil a couple of years ago. I’ve been calling it getting old, but my husband said it’s called maturity. Ugh. The last couple of years I have drank and still had a blast but was comfortable doing it 🙂

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