A Mother’s Love

The challenge topic today is one that I recently replied to on Plinky and it got me thinking very deeply about people being underappreciated. Parents are number one on the list of people who do not get the credit they deserve. Parents make the choice to sacrifice a part of themselves when they choose to have children. Be it goals, dreams, careers, or just a lifestyle making the choice to raise a child, inevitably means changing things about yourself. Parenting is one of the most selfless things a person can choose to do, by making the choice to put another humans needs before your own, you are giving a gift that can never be appreciated to its full extent, it is a heroic act in a sense.

As we grow under our parents guidance, we learn many things. They teach us respect, independence, and self-worth (perhaps not every parent but ‘good’ ones anyway) They show us how to grow and survive in the world on our own. They give us a piece of themselves in order to help us achieve our goals. They struggle to provide for us, fight to protect us, and ask any mother, she will tell you, they would give their lives for their children. That is love, it is an amazing gift that we don’t show appreciation for often enough in anyway.

Think of your parents and imagine life for them before they had children, times may have been different, but they faced the same choices we do today. They had options…. They could have chosen a career over raising children, they could have chosen to wait to give birth, they could have decided that they did not want to raise and provide, struggle and strive to watch children blossom and grow at all, but they did choose it, either by plan or by fate. I am sure many people can point out where their parents made mistakes, but can they truly see what they sacrificed as well? Can you look at your life now, especially if you are a parent yourself, and honestly say that you will parent perfectly? Can you not see the struggle they knowing battled just to ensure your life, happiness, health, and safety? Can you honestly say you have given enough thanks for that sacrifice? Most can’t!

So go now and give your parents a hug, tell them how thankful you are for all they have done to provide you with life. Remember that good or bad, your parents did what they could with what they had at the time. Not all parents are amazing, they are many that should have made a different choice, but if your parents were like mine and provided you with more love and support than you could ever ask for, it might be time to give some back. Afterall, if it weren’t for your parents you would not be reading this right now……


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