Writers Remorse….

Sometimes I feel obligated to write a post for my blog, and so I whip out something quick off the top of my head without any thought, or serious inspiration, and post it quickly just to have something new on my page. Often times looking back later at these ‘thoughtless‘ rants I feel remorseful. I think to my self… ‘well that was not how I wanted that to come across’, or ‘I wanted to say that differently’. 

 But I refuse to remove something once it is posted and so they stay. I will, I am sure, at some point contradict things I have written before on my blog, during these rushed-to-post moments, as my mood, or opinions change (which is quite frequently for me, I am sort of like a person with split-personalities, except mine are all me, there is no Sheila, Shelly, or Sharon that randomly pops out to cause havoc… I am the only one responsible for my actions, unfortunately!)

But for my post-a-day 2011 I have decided that each post  I write will actually have thought put into it. I will not rush to post something “just because” I will take the time to truly say what it is I want to say, and avoid the writers remorse that 2010 often left me with.

So to all the great writers I have come across in the ‘blogging’ world and all those I have yet to find. I wish you all great success in 2011… may the world be your oyster, and may your creativity flow freely from within.

Happy New Year Everyone!!


One thought on “Writers Remorse….

  1. We have all written something we wished we hadn’t at least once in our life, even if it wasn’t posted or published somewhere. I know I’ve sent letters when I was younger and emails as an adult that I wish I hadn’t. Just speak your mind and know that it’s our birth right to contradict ourselves, we are female!

    Happy New Year!

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