Spoiled Rotten…..

In the midst of yet another sleepless night with my beautiful little devil angel, I took a some ‘me‘ time (me time = If I don’t walk away from this baby now I might seriously lose my ‘effing’ mind) and spent a few minutes browsing the web and its infinite amount of useful, or useless, information. I am constantly looking things up online. Be it, a solution to a problem, a curiosity, or just some form of humor or entertainment, I am a google fiend, seriously…. I google EVERYTHING, it’s a little out-of-control. I’m sure there is probably a google addicts support group out there that I should be looking up and attending, but I can’t help it…Googe has the answers to anything you may, or may not, need to know! Anyway…  In my search I stumbled across… www.Smartmomma.com It is an advice website for moms, and the article I came across by sheer fluke was particularly interesting, and in need of correction… You can view it HERE 

Apologies to the author of this article, although this site is very informative, and well written I do have to correct something you wrote…. In the article “Is my baby spoiled?”  You state  “it is a medical fact that a baby can’t be spoiled.” Clearly you have not met my daughter ‘L’…..

Perhaps this will educate whatever medical professionals you have received your information from, or it might be a miraculous isolated case, but my daughter, who is 9 months old, is spoiled friggin rotten!!!!

I was one of those mothers that listened to this deception, and believed that when my baby cried it was because she needed something, and yes often times this is the case… Sure, Her diaper needed changed, or she was hungry, or tired, but what I failed to listen to, or believe, was that sometimes babies just cry…. and picking a crying baby up at the first sound of distress will in fact spoil them rotten.

‘L’ the smart little devil angel that she, is now well aware of the ways in which she can manipulate us. In fact, she is so aware of her abilities that she has different strategies for different people. If she wants my attention she knows that a deep sorrowful cry will do it, add a little pouty lip and some deep sobs and I am guaranteed to give in, if she wants her father’s attention she knows that all she has to do is cough once or twice and he will come running. (Ever since she caught a stomach bug and vomited he is terrified, and believes that every cough is going to lead to vomit, and surely, death!) For others it can be as simple as a squeal, a whimper, or a pouty lip, but she knows what she is doing… don’t let her innocent look fool you, this brat is smart!

So I apologize to the author of this great article I stumbled across in the midst of my sleep deprived silliness, but I had to provide this correction. I simply could not allow other mothers to suffer the same fate as I, believing that by strapping their babies to their hip they were being good parents, because although it might be cute now, when you kid is 3, 4, or 5 and they are still expecting your constant attention, it won’t be so cute…. and once they are spoiled it is a lot harder to un-spoil them. Probably better to listen to the tears once in a while now, than all the time later….Trust me, I know!!!


2 thoughts on “Spoiled Rotten…..

  1. ah .. that fine line between spoilin & lovin… I’ve walked it many a time. All I can offer is that our kids were most definitely spoiled .. they were given our time & attention much more than most and .. they’ve turned out to be honorable young men who are sensitive and responsive. Who knew? Bests to you .. and your wee one is beautiful 😉

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