Stupidity…. For SMRT People

warning about stupidity

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I have a real issue with stupid people, not unintelligent people, not someone who scores low on a test, or has difficulty with everyday tasks due to a low IQ, or some other dysfunction, but stupid people in general… People, who under any normal circumstance could, and should, know better than to do the stupid things they are often doing.

I don’t have patience for stupidity, I understand that everyone has those flaky moments where we do something that is questionable, but some people take it to a whole new level on a regular basis… so just to put a smile on your face here are a few links to some of the stupidest people in the world….

Woman Calls Police to report her snowman has been stolen – Like honestly, is this woman joking? Clearly not, she even states this in her conversation with the dispatcher. I actually think I feel sorry for this woman, being so damn stupid can not be easy.

Dumbest Criminals – I love the stories about dumb criminals, some of these people take the cake.

Woman eats socks – I don’t know if I can call this one stupid, but troubled? Yes definitely troubled for sure!

Some seriously poor parenting – Honestly!! That’s all i can say about this one!

Bathroom Sales – This one just makes me sick!

Name change – Ummm….How old are you? Honestly… I think you have to be over the age of majority to apply for a name change and clearly this guy is not fully matured yet.

Wash Up – Um…. This is exactly why toddlers need constant supervision!

A Special Thanks to Funny Stupid News for endless hours of entertainment, whenever I feel like I have messed up, your stories are there to make me realise that things are not as bad as they seem!


One thought on “Stupidity…. For SMRT People

  1. The stolen snowman!! Once when sitting for three boys I served them some hot rolls at dinner, and the four year old said (after I had spread butter on his roll) “Hey, someone took my butter off!”

    From a kid, it’s cute..from an adult, stupid! 🙂

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