Pathetically Political

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I must say the first time I saw the way parliament was run, I was appalled. I am not a political person by nature, and I don’t like to write political posts, but this has to be discussed.

It is no wonder that nothing ever seems to get done in politics. Have you ever watched a council meeting? Have you ever seen the way our country is run? There are a bunch of men (and a few women) in a large room, yelling at each other, over each other, and about each other… have we not learned that yelling gets you nothing but a sore throat and more yelling???

Our country is run like a bad relationship or a high school drama. There is a lot of arguing, bullying and harsh words; people feelings get hurt and nothing gets accomplished. It’s complete chaos, and it disturbs me deeply.

As I said I am not a political person, I do not vote, choose sides, or even follow the elections. I am not conservative, liberal, green, or whatever other options there are out there. I just have no interest in politics, and I don’t even pretend I do. Probably for this exact reason…..

That said, I also don’t complain about the outcome of an election because I choose not to pay attention to it. I refuse to be one of those people who does not vote and then sits around and bitches about who was elected…. I know that I have no right to say anything if I am not going to have my say at the polls… I accept that. But what I do not accept is that our country is run by a group of people acting like highschool football players pumped up on steroids…. It is embarrassing to watch, and I would think that those which the voters have decided are the ‘greatest’ political minds in the country could find a better way to pass laws, and resolve conflicts, than by yelling at one another.

I really think this is a lesson we all learned long ago….. so why is it so easily forgotten the minute someone steps on parliament hill?????

Just saying…… it ‘s pathetically political!


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