For Lack Of Better Entertainment….

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Lately I have not been in the mood to write. I sit down and try to force the words out of my head and onto the page, (screen, whatever) but I feel as if everything I am getting out is uninspired and somewhat worthless. This happens to me on occasion, it is something I have accepted as part of my writing process. It usually occurs when there is nothing overly interesting going on in my life, and I haven’t been out much to write about the interesting things going on with others around me as I stalk them for amusing antidotes.

Today is, or shall I say was, one of those days for me. So in search of amusement I figured I would just take some time to browse online and read what other people are writing about at the moment, perhaps I would find some inspiration, some deeply influential piece of writing that would help to propel me out of this rut….and you know what I found????


Yes you read that correctly, I found Nothing! Well I found some things, but they were the equivalent to nothing, and reading them was honestly a waste of time that I will never get back.

Not to say there are not interesting writers out there, of course there are, in fact one of my favorite things to do is read people’s witty posts and revel in their amazing talent with words. Some writers can truly achieve perfection in writing, and often have me laughing out loud, but today I did not come across those posts. Instead I came across a bunch of useless ramblings, on useless topics, that I swear have caused my IQ to drop by at least a few points.

No offence to these writers I am sure they are very nice people, and perhaps I am just in a miserable mood,it has happened once or twice before. Maybe it is jealously due to my lack of personal writing inspiration at the moment, but the most interesting information I came across this evening was; a list of reasons to become an exotic dancer, (which I am sorry but no matter how great your list, I don’t think I can be convinced) a story about one womans very boring year-long journey doing absolutely nothing, an effective cure for a hangover, and a rant about the link between cellphones and brain cancer…..

Now I am sure that this information might be useful for someone, perhaps the 21 year-old anthropology major who is looking to finance her education, the agoraphobic who wants to know what goes on in other people’s lives, the inebriated frat boy who has to be at work in an hour, or the overly concerned mother of a talkaholic teenage girl…but for me this information was nothing but a waste of time, and brain power.

Now, not to say that I write about overly interesting things either, I am not trying to pretend that my life is in any way interesting to anyone but myself, (and even that is a stretch most of the time) but I at least try to put a smile on the face of anyone who might accidentally stumble upon my site and actually take a moment to read what I have to say ramble , through simple curiosity on their lost journey.

I will make a promise to all of you now to never write a post, in a serious tone anyway, about why you should become a prostitute in the red light district, the vomit I found dried to my sweater after sitting through dinner with a prospective client, or the effects that microwaves have on your colon.

I truly wonder if these people think they are being funny? maybe I am misinterpreting the tone of the story? Do they actually think that others ‘need’ to know this empty-headed information? Just curious….. 

Really it is no different then when you go to the book store, the local department store, or any search engine, it seems that people can make money off anything. The most useless crap in the world seems to be selling more than the most necessary items theses days….. just saying.

Well I think that’s enough from me for tonight… seeing as I thought I wasn’t in the mood to write and here I have gone on this big rant about nothing for lack of better entertainment……. but on a final note I must say thank-you to all those writers I subscribe to, or come across, that do entertain me when I am in dire need, keep writing so I can keep smiling please.


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