More Procrastination

Mop and Buckets

Image by vagabond by nature via Flickr

I have been using a lot of fillers on my blog recently and I am feeling a little disappointed in myself. It’s not that I don’t want to write witty and humorous blogs about my family and daily life…it’s just that things around here just haven’t been interesting lately.

My little devil angel has taken to never sleeping, eating, or shutting up being calm. My 7-year-old has not been up to any trouble, and all I have been doing is sitting around, trying to stay sane keeping my cool and trying to keep things organized.

My house is a disaster zone, and I intend to clean it up and get it organized, I just don’t feel up to it lately, it’s a blip, it’ll pass.

It’s been FREEZING here, and inside my house is no warmer than outside, so I have spent a large amount of time huddled under a blanket trying to stay warm.

So that is why I have been slacking!!!

My To-Do List consists of:

  • Clean the house – kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, carpets, floors, closets….
  • Do the Laundry – Lug all 8 loads to the laundry mat somehow, get them washed, dried, folded, lugged home and put away.
  • Sort the kids toys to get ready for christmas
  • Sort my old clothes get rid of what doesn’t fit
  • Go through the bookcase and dispose of any old books that i will never read again
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Organize the kitchen cupboards
  • Feed, bathe and care for the children daily
  • Figure out why this baby will not stop screaming
  • Go to the dentist
  • Got o the doctor
  • Write a witty and humorous blog

and so much more that I am sure I am forgetting……

So THAT is why I have been lacking in clever content lately…. feel free to come and tackle some of this list for me if you like…… Just look for the messy house, with the screaming children, and the crazy lady curled up in a blanket!!!


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