It’s Time to Call It a Night…..

Girls out

Image by Linas Justice via Flickr

Sometimes enough drinking is just enough drinking, here are a few signs that a girl should “call it a night“:

– You have no idea where your friends are
– You have no idea where you are
– You have no idea who the guy you are with is
– You have no idea where your car is
– You have no idea if you even brought a car
– You have become convinced that shaking your butt like Beyonce is the sexiest thing ever
– You honestly believe that you can beat somebody up and it seems like a good idea
– You are going to the bathroom every 10 minutes
– You are belting out 80’s tunes at the local karaoke club
– You are talking to your enemy, and telling her you should be friends
– You are considering peeing outside
– You have suddenly taken up smoking and become really good at it
– You look more like a prostitute than a princess
– You have a sudden overwhelming urge to take off your clothing
– You are convinced that the bartender has not put alcohol in your drink
– You have removed your shoes so you can walk better
– You are calling your ex boyfriend
– You are hugging strangers
– You think it is a good idea to make-out with your best friend for $20
– You are ASKING men to buy you drinks
– You are looking for half full beers to drink
– The creepy guy in the corner suddenly seems so interesting and somewhat sexy
– You are crying and telling everyone that you love them
– You drop your 3 a.m. hot dog on the ground and consider picking it up and eating it
– You have less than 3 hours before work
– You are so tired you just sit on the floor, so what if it is the dance floor
– Your pillow feels a lot like the bathroom floor
– You believe that stripping and dancing on a pole is an honest way to make money
– You have a plan to make life easier, you will just sleep over at your guy friends house
– You have maxed out your credit card
– You cannot remember what you just said
– You are not making sense to anyone, even yourself
– You are dancing on a table
– You are checking out the much younger guy across the room
– You are still dancing after the music is stopped and the bar is closing
– You are fighting with the DJ to play Ricky Martin
– You are in a cab with a stranger
– You are covered in vomit

If you are experiencing any of the above listed symptoms it is best to just “call it a night” and save your self the embarrassment of the morning “where am I” wake up!

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3 thoughts on “It’s Time to Call It a Night…..

  1. Lol I went out last weekend, and although I ended up on the worst end of the drunk spree, while I still had coherence I saw about 15 of these lol. I love drunk and hot girls…just don’t try to kiss me. 😀

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