The Mess Fairy

A fairy

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There is an unseen creature living in my house, terrorizing my family, and disorganizing everything. I know this creature is here because each time I turn around something that I have carefully cleaned, picked up, or put away is dirty, dropped, or pulled out-of-place.

I call this unseen creature, The Mess Fairy.

The mess fairy strikes only when I am not looking, she has been known to pull all the books off a just straightened shelf, all the clothes out of the laundry basket, and all the pots out of the cupboard, right-under-my-nose! She is a sneaky one that mess fairy, very sneaky.

I have set traps to no avail, I mean I am not exactly sure how you trap a mess fairy, and the guy at Home Depot looked at me strange when I asked him for advice, but I have set out cookies! Though the cookies are gone, I have yet to find the fairy…and stranger still is the fact that she somehow managed to get the cookies, eat them, and smear the chocolate all over MY children…very, very sneaky she is!

Just this morning she struck with a vengeance, I had just cleaned up the family room, and I could not have been gone more than 2 minutes, my son and daughter were quietly watching T.V. in that room as I went into the kitchen to prepare his lunch for school. I heard a noise and rushed back into the room, intent on catching this fairy culprit red handed…but Low-and-behold….there was a mess…but no fairy in sight.  I questioned wether my children had seen a small winged creature causing this disruption…but my son simply looked at me as if I had finally lost my marbles (which, little does he know, were gone a longtime ago) and my baby girl just giggled away…No help there. I resigned to cleaning up the mess, disappointed at yet another failed attempt to catch this rascal in her tracks. With all put back in place, I set out on the rest of the house.

What happened next is shocking….after cleaning the entire house…which is not very large, and probably took me a total of 20 minutes at most, I entered my daughter’s room to find Lego everywhere!!!

How is this happening….my house is MAYBE 900 square feet. How is this sneaky little fairy getting away with such acts right under my nose? I know my daughter saw something, I could tell by the look on her face, she was in shock…I just know it, she kept looking around, seemingly confused as to what had just occurred! And I am sure if she could talk she would have told me exactly where that little fairy was hiding…but she can’t, so yet again I am left to pick up the pieces. (Literally in this case!)

Next time little mess fairy, next time I will catch you! You can not hide forever…I will find a bigger, better trap, then I will get you……. You can not get away with this forever!!! (I hope!)


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