Finding Mr. Wrong….

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Being single can seriously suck, we all crave that love and affection that comes along with a relationship, and we all deserve to be loved, and to give that same love back…. but on your quest for passion and romance there are a few places you may not want to look for prince charming (who is clearly lost or he would have been here by now, right?)

The worst places to meet men are;

  • The courthouse – Unless you are looking to date a lawyer, which of course we all are, you have to face reality, lawyers are at the courthouse working, and are usually very busy…chances are, you are going to find a man with a less appealing career choice. You want a lawyer? have a minor car accident, and file suit!
  • The sexual health center – Sure, you could make the excuse that “he is being safe, and getting tested.” but we women can make excuses for everything…. He is there for a reason, which means he is concerned that there is a reason to be concerened…forget what Nike says….just don’t do it!
  • Bars or Clubs – There are the rare cases where a chance meeting at a bar has led to a long happy marriage, but for the most part, men who are out having a few drinks with the boys are aiming to score one thing….and that is usually not a wife! At least not one of their own anyway!
  • The unemployment office – I don’t care if your there too, I don’t care if he had a legitimate reason for not being able, or willing, to work. Picking up a man in the unemployment office….especially if you have found yourself there as well, for whatever reason, is just a disaster waiting to happen. It has bad sex, bad apartment, and bad relationship written all over it!
  • Weddings – Yes, love is in the air, but there is also an awful lot of alcohol and an enormous amount of pressure in the air as well. With all the vows regarding true love, we can get a little carried away, and panicky…. if you have ever seen the movie ‘Wedding Crashers‘ you know that men look at weddings as an easy way in….to your dress!!
  • Family reunions – You 3rd cousin might be twice removed, but he is not removed enough to even consider it. Jerry Springer is so the ’90’s, don’t even go there. I don’t care if you live in a trailer, it is just not right!
  • The psychiatrists office – You have issues, he has issues….probably way too clingy. If you feel compelled, pay for an extra hour, I am sure your doctor will explain why it is a bad idea!
  • Work – The new temp, or long-time co-worker may be attractive, he may be nice, he may even be really into you, but inter-office dating makes for long and awkward days after sex, and even more awkward days after a break-up. Better just to avoid it, even when your company allows it, there is always drama to be had!
  • AA meetings – I know, I know he is working on a change… and that’s great for him, so why distract him from that change, or yourself for that matter if your there?
  • Online – Although online dating is the new norm, and it is possible to meet a very decent man online, I have it on this list for a number of reasons. The biggest reason, 95% of the men you will find online will either have a personality disorder, a creepy fetish, be simply looking for sex, or have no time to date in the “real world.” If you are up to sifting through those 95% to find that other 5% who are genuinely good men, and just have no clue where else to meet women…than all the power to you, you go girl!

One thought on “Finding Mr. Wrong….

  1. LOL. I haven’t been single for a long time but I LOVED your list. It is all so very true. Especially what you said about the online dating. I know someone who took that route. He ended up being a sex offender.

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