Princess Kate

Melissa's Engagement Ring

Image by InspirationDC via Flickr

For as long as I can remember I dreamed of marrying Prince William, sure I know every other little girl had this same dream, but I was going to achieve it, I would one day be known as Princess Kate!

Well apparently another Kate beat me to the prize (Bitch!) ….and I fully blame my parents.  (yeah I said both those things!)

If I had been encouraged to pursue my dream, if I had been supported in my goal, if they had up and moved us all to England for sake of my ultimate desire, that Kate would have been ME! I am sure of it.

I would have been the one wearing the big-ass engagement ring, attending the press conference, and living in the palace, I would have been Princess Kate, and I would have made a damn good princess…..or perhaps not so much…..

Probably for the best I suppose, I don’t think I encompass either the class or discipline required of a Princess. I don’t have the self-control required to stay out of the public eye, I would be the Paris Hilton of the palace….that would probably not go over so well with my future in-laws, I would be a Royal pain in their asses…sorry I had to!

But in all honesty I let go of that dream long ago,(probably around the time my mother tried to convince me you had to be a virgin to marry a prince!) and I am over it now, clearly….no I did not cry myself to sleep last night when I heard the news of the royal engagment….honestly I had an eyelash in my eye!

Besides I am sure there is another “prince” out there somewhere looking for this Kate, if he would simply climb off his horse and ask for directions already…which is probably difficult in all that shining armor… (I mean who dresses like that anyway!) but seriously, this is the year 2010, you can google anything, you would think he would have looked me up by now! Whatever….. when he finally does get here Princess Kate will be waiting, I am not refined or controlled, I may not be the most lady-like person at times, and I live in the furthest thing from what would be considered a modern-day palace, but I am here damn it….and I am waiting!


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