A Real Woman….

Red Stilettos

Image by JamesDPhotography via Flickr

I am a real woman.

I am not perfect in every way. I am not even close.

I do not stand six feet tall. I am five foot one at most.

Sometimes I am skinny, but it shouldn’t matter if I’m fat.

There are days when I don’t brush my hair, days I don’t even brush my teeth.

I swear, I burp, and once I even let rip a fart *Gasp*

I do not wear designer clothes, when I can manage my jeans might be clean, my shirt stain free, and I may even match.

I do not wear make-up 24 hours a day, and in the morning I may not look my best.

I yell, I cry, and at times I may even throw things.

All of the above may possibly occur in public.

And I will blame you.

I am a real woman.

I can not walk in stiletto heals, and I will not dress like a playboy bunny.

I am not going to starve myself just to be paper thin.

Sometimes I snort when I laugh, sometimes I laugh till I cry.

I tell dirty jokes, to large groups of people.

I have even drank too much, a few times.

I am a real woman.

I will not always have a clean house, well-behaved children, or dinner on the table.

I will not change who I am just to please you.

I will not back down from what I believe in.

I will not try to be what I am not.

I am a real woman.

I have envy, but I know where to draw the line.

I get jealous, because I care.

I get hurt, I bleed just like you.

I am a real woman.

That’s the truth.


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