Public Trans-chat


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I have always complained about having to take the bus, I HATE public transit…especially in the city which I reside. I can not just up-and-go as I please, I have to plan my activities around someone else’s idea of a schedule, the buses are NEVER running on time, and then there’s the people…OH-GOD! The people!!

I guess I just have one of those faces. For whatever reason, strangers talk to me, all the time! Not just strangers mind you, but strange strangers, the biggest creeps, dweebs and weirdo’s. (Does anyone remember that game?) It starts out innocently I’m sure, “Hey nice weather we’re having eh?” to which I reply “Yes it is,” in all politeness, but after that it all goes wrong!! Perhaps I should have been a shrink, because people are constantly telling me their life stories, problems, or any other deep, should probably have been kept secret, sort of information. And me, being the friendly bystander I am, will politely nod my head, agree whenever I hear a slight pause, and try my best to focus on whatever it is that this stranger is pouring out to me. Honestly though, it is usually just nonsense, and I can’t truly be bothered to care. But still, I listen.

I have had grown women burst into tears and tell me that they think their husbands are cheating, honestly I feel bad for them, but your on a bus, in a public setting, get ahold of yourself! I have had men tell me about their “sexual” problems, I have had couples tell me about their latest arguments, and then ask who I thought was in the wrong, and I have had parents tell me all about their child’s last bowel movement in deep, descriptive detail. I thought of opening shop, but the city frowns upon anyone else making money off their system and I am sure I would get a fine for being unlicensed, and so…. I sit, I listen, and I try not to puke all over my latest “patient,” for FREE!!!

Every once in a while I do come across a normal person, looking for a normal conversation, idle chit-chat, or just simple banter, these are usually old ladies, without health problems, or other single parents who want to just chat to another adult…. who may, by chance understand how it feels to live life when the most intelligent conversation you have all day is about wether to use the blue crayon, or the red one?

These normal conversations are great, I can do this! I easily make small talk, and I actually enjoy it. I AM friendly by nature, I do feel the need to connect to other human beings on some level, but I don’t want that level to include a run-down of their personal sexual fantasies on a first meeting. I mean I am open-minded, but it can all be a little much, even for me!

I guess I just don’t understand the mentality of telling a stranger my personal and intimate details….yeah, sure, touch briefly on a subject if you must get it off your chest, but deep-rooted issues, and sexual complications, are best saved for your psychiatrist’s office.


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