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The Night Stalker (film)

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A friend of mine was jokingly telling me about a man that she had met while out at the club one night…we’ll call him “George” mostly due to his overwhelming resemblance to George Costanza from Seinfeld.  According to the story, and her vividly  humorous description “George” is a plump little man, with a balding head, beatty eyes, glasses, and what you will clearly see is an odd personality. George lives at home with his mother, he is in his mid-forties, and works at an electronics store. He is in debt, unsuccessful, and he apparently took a liking to my beautiful 28 year-old blonde haired, bright-eyed friend. We’ll call her “M”.

M being her usual friendly self was having  good time out, as it had been a longtime since she had been anywhere for a good time. She didn’t mind chatting away with George, and was even slightly flirtatious in a friendly, stroke your ugly ego sort of way. It is a very common thing with us, to not be outright rude to these strange little men who work up the nerve to have a conversation with a younger, much prettier woman, so we talk to them, and stroke their egos a bit. There is no harm in making a little man feel big….and giving them a solid “E” for effort before moving on. But in the case of George, he did not see this as friendly flirtation, he did in fact, see it as an invite for infatuation.

M had fun the rest of the evening and went home ‘solo’, a few days later as she is browsing her Facebook she comes across a message from who else but George! This is the exact moment “George” went from being just “George” to “Stalker George” Why you ask? I mean it’s just a message right? Wrong! In some cases it would just be a message, but my friend M happens to have security blocks on her Facebook that resemble the likes of an FBI top-secret experiments site. You can not search her by name, email, birthdate, or through common friends lists, her photos are not public, and her profile does not appear in the search terms. But low-and-behold, Stalker George found her! I believe that M is sitting at home right now thinking of ways to vamp security, in fact I tried calling and the line was tied up so I am convinced she is probably on the phone with a private security firm as I write, hiring herself a big burly bodyguard…OK so I am exaggerating a little, but I am sure that she would if she could….and I doubt she would feel crazy in the least!!! Or at least not crazier!

Needless to say she was slightly confused on how Stalker George was able to find her. But it doesn’t end there, no that would be far too simple for the drama, my friends and I call life… Nope, instead Stalker George inquired about M to one of her friends from that night out. Her friend told Stalker George that M rarely goes on Facebook, so she probably never saw the message, and that she has been through a lot lately and isn’t really looking to date anyone….what did Stalker George say?….He told this friend that he is really interested in her, and wants to take her out, then proceeded to send yet another message to her on Facebook with his cell number attached, and a little note about how he would love to take her out for an evening!!! You have to close your eyes here for a moment and picture this in your head, there is George Costanza in all his grimey glory asking out the equivalent of Gwyneth Paltrow, or Cameron Diaz….like Really? Where do these older, unattractive, unsuccessful men get this confidence? Don’t get me wrong all the power to you for feeling good about yourself, but really???

I had to tell you this story before i could get to the real point of my blog this afternoon, why are stalkers always ugly? I mean honestly…when was the last time you heard about someone having an overly attractive stalker? Probably never, why? because if overly attractive people we following us around, we would not be calling it stalking. We would be flattered, graceful, and inviting. But NOPE not a good-looking stalker insight….this is probably due to the fact that most good-looking people don’t need to stalk someone, but ugly people don’t really need to either. They simply need to lower their standards so that they can be with other ugly people who need love too.

I am not saying this be mean, shallow, or come across as superficial…but I am all those things I suppose, because no matter what we say…looks DO mean something! You must be physically attracted to a person in order to want any form of relationship with them in the first place, and I know I am not the only one that feels this way! I just think that although it is great that these “Stalker George” types have high self-esteem, I truly think that they bark up the wrong tress far to often for their own good, I can only assume it is a process of elimination…like throw everything you got out there and hope that something substantial bites???? But in this case “George,” You not only scared away the prize fish, but all the others of extraordinary nature, better luck next time!!


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