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I was recently browsing through the book “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff…and it’s all small stuff” by: Richard Carlson, I say browsing because though it is an excellent book it is one of those books that you don’t just sit down and read, it’s more like a helpful tips book, a book that you skim through when you are waiting for dinner to cook, when there is nothing interesting on television, or when you are looking to make certain changes in your life and need a clue where the hell to start, but it’s a good little book just the same and I would recommend it…anyway!!! I came across Tip #60 (no I have not yet read all 59 that preceded this tip) and it is titled “Turn Your Melodrama into a Mellow-Drama.” Basically it is a little blurb about how we tend to over-react to small things and turn them into big dramatic productions, and it dawned on me….THIS IS ME!! I am living a real-life Soap Opera!!!!

Sounds absurd, I know, and I blame my mother completely. I grew up watching Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light, etc… and although I no longer take part in the sport of Soap watching, I was exposed to this type of entertainment at a young age, and I think that somehow this Soap Opera mentality seeped into my lifestyle. What makes this strange is that I don’t even like Soap Opera’s!!! In fact I am quite against them, the over-dramatic, sneaky, promiscuity, and lack of self-control they portray really bothers me…. and yet I state that my life is a close resemblance????

I tend to over-dramatize EVERYTHING, I truly live life like it is one big Soap Opera and I have to keep up ratings. I have even had people in the past comment that my life should be its own show…. at the time I took this as a compliment, but now that I think about it is that such a good thing????

OK so no one is murdering their best friend, to then take their husbands and raise their children, only to have them come back from the dead in search of revenge….that would be a little much even for me….but there are a few ways in which I think my life resembles a Soap Opera:

  • A Soap Opera is an open-ended narrative that leaves a promise of more information later – much like those that enter and leave my life I never fully let go, and they are almost always set-up to make another guest appearance somewhere in the future, be it for closure or revenge.
  • A Soap Opera is romantic and dangerous….much as my life relationships and encounters!
  • Soap characters tend to focus more on enjoyment than on work-related activities…I have already stated that I am not the most hardworking person to ever walk the earth, I much prefer a day at the beach to a day at the office.
  • A Soap Opera is ALWAYS over-dramatic, I can’t help it, every little thing I do is done with great gusto, all eyes watching and in demand of attention.
  • There is plenty of anger, revenge, and excitment…..what can I say… sometimes I go a little overboard.
  • Characters often fight and recover friendships time and time again, even after the worst of fallout’s… this is much like my life, I never seem to truly hold a grudge, and I often find myself forgetting any wrong a person has done to me.
  • Soap characters live life like there are no worries…OK so they have more financial stability than I do, but I ACT like I have money, and sometimes I pull it off well!!
  • The story is always dragged on and on and on…. hmmmm….. yup it seems that it takes me FOREVER to get through any situation, especially when that situation is difficult or emotional.
  • Just when you think you have figured it out, there’s a dramatic twist….I am known to change direction at the least expected moment!

OK so maybe I don’t live in a mansion, I am not surrounded by overly beautiful people on a regular basis, I do have to earn a living one way or another as I don’t have the alimony of five husbands to support my dreams, and I am not going to sleep with my sister’s husband, pretend I am pregnant, take my best friends baby and pretend it is mine, only to have her discover my secret and have to drive her off a cliff….but I have always been surrounded by some sort of extremely dramatic situation, generally by my own doing… and well it can all get to be a little much sometimes… I guess the bright side is that I will never get bored…right????


3 thoughts on “All Soaped Up!!!

  1. THIS is a great blog! HAHAHAHA – All three soap operas you mention I also watched as a child. I swear, it shows what kind of influence they can have in us, right? Great blog – made me giggle this morning!

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