Sorry Drama Queen Coming Through….

Angry Talk (Comic Style)

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Ok so as I have stated I am outgoing, outspoken and outrageous most of the time. As well as seriously “over-dramatic.”  I admit this openly, but I am starting to not like it at all. In fact I think it is time for some changes… though my outgoing personality was fun and flirty for the single life, if I ever hope to get married I need to start acting respectful right?

Being outspoken can be a good thing, but those who know me also know that I tend to take it to far… if something is on my mind you will probably know it, in detail…probably in offensive detail. I just lack that filter between my head and my mouth. (must seek medical information on this one!)

Outrageous is fun when I am playing with my children, or in the privacy of my own home, but seriously I know how uncomfortable it makes people to see a grown woman throwing a temper tantrum on the street, which I have been known to do on more than one occassion…for that I apologize… I often forget that other people are not as difficult to embarrass as I. I will work on this one with passion, I truly do not want to be that “screaming woman” that people shake their heads at!!!

And Over-dramatic…. well that one applies to everything! I am an extreme emotionalist.. I am either extremely happy, extremely sad, or extremely angry, I have found that there is no happy medium with me… I am unaware of any medical condition I think it just stems back to my outspokenness and my outrageousness….but I will check up on that as well. I have a problem controlling my emotions, yes even in public areas… when I feel something I have to make anyone with me feel it too… this is especially unappealing in the anger aspect…. or the crying aspect…becuase again I don’t want to be the screaming crying woman that people are staring at on the street.

I don’t want to lose myself completely, these are factors of who I am but I do think that it is time to tone it all down, to learn to make myself happy and to control how I feel… at least until a more appropriate moment. This is the journey I am on now…..the rollercoaster I suppose it would be better called…I can see rationality, but for me to act on that is difficult!! So I am working on it!!!

I know that I am a woman, and a mother, and that there are moments when my anger and outrage are justified, I know that I am not always to blame for my temperament, but I also realize that I can only control me….and so….as I said… i am working on it….. but did I mention that I am a procrastinater???? (gotta work on that too!)


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