Daylight Savings…Night time Stressing…

Time change at the end of Daylight Saving Time

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I want a straight answer, I demand to know who’s stupid idea daylight savings time was…it HAD to be a man! No woman in her right mind would purposely change the clock for no apparent reason except to mess up the delicate schedule of her children, in turn taking a perfected routine and turning it into complete and utter chaos….it was definitely a man’s idea.

It is fall which means that our clocks have just been set back an hour…now for some people this might appear to mean an extra hour sleep, but for me it means instead of my beautiful devil angel going to bed at 7 p.m. I am fighting to keep her awake by 6, and although that in itself may not seem dreadful, it is the fact that instead of her usual 7 a.m. wake time, she is now rising an hour earlier…a whole damn hour earlier…. that is an important hour for me!!! I NEED that hour…that hour means the difference between grumpy mama and happy mama, my children, and the general population, prefer happy mama!! Link back to my post on what happens to a sleep deprived mother and you will understand just how important that hour can truly be.

Now for some reason no matter how many times I explain this time change concept to my 8 month old daughter, she just doesn’t seem to understand??? I have drawn pictures illustrating in detail what benefits this “extra” hour sleep will provide, but still no sign of comprehension what-so-ever! I know the obvious answer would be for ME to go to bed an hour eariler, clearly, but no matter how much I try I just can not talk my body into going to sleep when the clock reads 8p.m.???? The sheep are not even ready to be counted at that time, and to be honest I feel a bit like a 70 year-old woman even climbing into bed so early.

and so… I will continue to drag myself out of bed at obscenely early hours, stumble through the dark and calm a confused and crying infant, all the while cursing the “man” that thought changing the clocks and messing up my schedule was a good idea.


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