Where Did These Kids Come From??

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I am bored with my life at the moment, the hum-drum of raising children and being normal is starting to wear on me. I was sitting here watching a decorating show and it really hit me…my life is dull!! When did this happen??? Last I remember I was a young, energetic 19 year-old who was living life and enjoying the party. I was busy finding myself and planning for the future! Then BANG I wake up one day and wonder to myself..”Who are these children? and why are they calling me mom?”

Now don’t get me wrong I LOVE and ADORED my little devils angels, but I am just truly unsure of how they came to be…yeah yeah I have had the talk about the birds and the bee’s… I “physically” know where they came from, trust me you could never forget that pain, but mentally I am seriously unsure what happened to that girl with the big dreams. I lost her somewhere between the bar and the wet t-shirt contests????

I guess it’s part of life, we all have to grow up at some point, and nearing my 28th birthday I am somewhat confused, although I am living a “grown-up” life, I don’t feel like a grown-up! I feel like a teenager thrown into a serious life, and I have no idea what I am doing. Sure I fake it well, I feed, clothe and care for these two small, helpless children, but ask me how and I could not tell you in the slightest…. it’s some alter-ego I developed when I wasn’t looking.. I was probably distracted by the Brad Pitt look-a-like at the bar! I guess I have to adapt though, because with out the creation of a working time machine, which we all know I am not going to put the effort into making, I am here in this life and I suppose I should make the best of it while I can…. but let me tell you as soon as these little devils angels are old enough to move out and marry, it’s back business for me… ok maybe not, by then a wet t-shirt contest  would probably just be tacky, and although I may feel 19, I just don’t think i look it anymore….but I will have fun damm it!!! One way or another…. right after I get the laundry done, change a few more diapers, make dinner, and pay the bills….then…then I will….Oh lets be honest… then I will be in bed….Blah life!!!


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