Is It… Contagious…..?

Humphrey the Laundry Monster Puppet

Image by Sappymoosetree via Flickr

Well I have been slacking… I am a natural procrastinater. I am good at pushing things aside until I have absolutely no choice but to address them, at which time I will usually do so with little or no thought or effort. This blog is no different. Yeah, yeah, it’s something I should work on, but with snotty, coughing, crying, screaming, and generally miserable busy children. I am procrastinating that too!

The last while has brought much stress to my already chaotic life. My beautiful devil angel has been feeling sick. She has a runny nose, an itchy cough, an ear infection, and an overall miserable quality lately. Although I will state that since she has figured out that she can crawl and move around she has done so with gusto, most of the time she looks like she is on speed. It’s kind of creepy actually, every time I leave the room I have this high-speed, psycho, screaming doll-like child chasing after me. Rememeber when I said “this is going to be fun?” I lied! This is not fun, she has discovered that she can easily pull herself up and tear everything off the bookshelf, everything out of the toy box, and anything out of her dresser drawers. Yet ask her to clean it up and this little devil angel, will look at you with such confused innocence. Don’t let her look fool you Mama, she knows EXACTLY what is going on!!! I am convinced of it!

My son has also had a cold, he was off school for 2 days last week, and today by 8 a.m. Monday morning I was pacing the floors and watching the clock for the time to get him out the door to school. Maybe I was not meant to have children? I am not one of those mothers who LOVES having her children close to her at all times, I do not enjoy tripping over tiny beings every where I turn… sure I enjoy the cuddles and kisses here and there, but a screaming, crying, wailing, whining infant stuck to my leg is not my idea of a good time….call me crazy! Add to all this the fact that I managed to fall on the stairs and injure my tailbone and I am about at my wit’s end!!!

irregardless, it is a new week, and even though I have an excessive amount of laundry to do, a house that resembles the aftermath of a natural (or unnatural) disaster, and a grocery list that exceeds my available funds, I have high hopes for this week. I will get back on track, somehow, someway!!! I have a plan….. 

But….. there is my little devil angel now, I will keep you updated, if you don’t hear from me she has figured out how to walk and I have locked myself in the closet for safety….(mine? or hers?)


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