straight jacket

Image by funkypancake via Flickr

Well life has been pretty uneventful lately. Although my little devil angel is crawling all over the house now and causing quite a ruckus. Every time I turn around something is pulled out, pushed over, or in her mouth. Granted it keeps me on my toes…Note to all those people who are looking to lose weight, chasing a crazy beautiful baby around might work for you, I barely have time to scarf down a snack let alone a whole meal. 

But I am having fun, she is starting to really get around, and the house is safe enough for her at the moment…though I did learn a few things about baby proofing this time around; 

  1. If it has a hole, fill it – This is especially important for electrical outlets. If they can stick their fingers in it, they will!
  2. If it opens, shut it – Drawers, doors, and cupboards are no longer suitable hiding places for dangerous or harmful items such as cleaners, scissors, or your crystal bowl for great aunt Gilda.
  3. If you can climb it, move it – Any and every piece of furniture will suddenly become a jungle-gym. If they can climb it to dizzying heights it may be better just to move it.
  4. If it moves, secure it – If it can be pushed over or around, it will be.
  5. If it needs to stay where it is, cover it – If all else fails place something in front of it. I had to rearrange my furniture so that all the plugs were covered. My perfect little devil angel was pulling the plugs out of the walls every time I turned around. I kept wondering WTF was going on with the television….  

With my son I was a firm believer that you should not remove anything, you should just simply teach your child not to touch. Granted I was younger then, had more time and energy, and the desire to follow my little devil angel everywhere. Now…NOT SO MUCH!! I would rather cover, close, or move it than have to stress, chase, and advise my baby all day long. 

The truth of the matter is I am exhausted, I keep waiting for the parents to walk in and claim their little devil angel, but no one has shown yet! I am starting to feel like I’m the one who should be in a padded room safe and protected!!!


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