Operation Beautiful

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I recently came across one of the most amazing websites for women, Operation Beautiful is a site that encourages women to stop “fat talking” or “bad talking” themselves. It is designed as a challenge to remind women everywhere that they are beautiful just the way they are. 

This is not the first site that does this, but what makes it unique is the challenge itself and the amount of positivity it is creating, the concept is simple; write a positive message on a piece of paper or a post-it note and stick it in a public place. The site offers daily note ideas or you can create your own. The only rule is that it is a positive thought. Simple…..yes! Effective….for sure. 

The Operation Beautiful site contains many comments and stories from participants that have been touched by this challenge. There are photo uploads of posted, and found, notes and a plethora of articles on positive self-image. There are great reminders that we are all unique and beautiful just the way we are. 

I for one know how easily we as women can talk/think negatively about ourselves without even realising we are doing so, this movement is quickly becoming wide-spread and will hopefully make a huge difference in the lives of women everywhere. I thin the idea is simply amazing, especially for young women (think back to high school) who are constantly comparing themselves to others. 

I can not praise Caitlin (the Operation Beautiful Creator) enough; one simple idea now has the possibility to change the world. Way to go!!! 

Check out the site at; http://www.operationbeautiful.com/ and start challenging yourself to participate. Even if you do it only on your bedroom wall or bathroom mirror, every little act changes the world.

Don’t allow others opinions of you to become your reality.


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