One of "those" days…..

Long time missed school

Image by Kenoir via Flickr

Well today was one of “those” days… started way too early, when last night ended way too late. I was unorganized, unmindful, and unable to function correctly at even the simplest of tasks. But even still I plastered a smile on my face when my son awoke at 6:22 a.m. and my daughter at 7:00….I even gathered enough energy to get them dressed swiftly and cart them off to Tim Hortons for a “specialbreakfast, and a MUCH needed coffee!! All was well, it was a beautiful morning, one of those mornings that are the perfect temperature, a fresh rain had just ended and everything was glistening in the first hints of the morning light. It was a great morning…. We talked as we walked to get coffee and bagels, we sang silly songs and I managed to have a good time, something I have been lacking lately. 

We got our breakfast, and headed back home. We managed to get everything ready for school without a hitch and we were out the door with plenty of time to spare. We leisurely wandered down the road to school, chatting along the way…. I even stopped for another coffee. It truly was a good morning for us….. 

We arrived at school with ten minutes to waste before the bell rang, that’s when I got an eerie feeling…. The school yard was unusually empty, lacking the familiar sounds of children playing in the school yard, the squeals of boys and girls fresh from sugary breakfasts releasing the energy of a good nights sleep before they enter and begin to exercise their ever-developing brains. No, nothing…instead there was silence!! Never a good sign on a school yard particularly in the early morning hours, at lunch, or around 3 p.m. Confused I looked to my neighbour, who has been walking right along with us on this beautiful day….”you know,” she said “my son said something about there not being school Monday….” 

Yeah you figured it out…..IT WAS A P.A. DAY!!! 

 I walked my child all the way to school…. And there was no school to be had….. 

I couldn’t help but laugh, and I felt better knowing I was not the only scatter brain out there, a few other parents walked up to find us laughing hysterically, and through our insane giggles we managed to inform them what we had just discovered…. We may have looked insane to passers-by, especially if they were AWARE of this P.A. Day, but hey like I said, it was one of “those” days, and it could have been worse, at least it was a beautiful day and I got to have time enjoying my beautiful children.

My Tip Of The Day: Always check your child’s school calendar…. You never know when an “off” day might pop up!!!


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