Kitchen Contraptions….

Avocado, milk, condensed milk and ice smoothie...

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For me it has never been about the need for fancy, expensive, or un-invented kitchen contraptions, see I have owned every imaginable kitchen gadget you can think of, it is more the issue of convenience for me. I am somewhat domesticated, much to my disbelief, I enjoy cooking, cleaning, and most household functions. I enjoy having good family meals, and a generally tidy home, but I am not known for being highly organized! 

This is no different when it comes to working in the kitchen, I rarely use recipes as I am not great with following directions, I usually forget at least one of the main ingredients, and often the required preparation time does not suit my ever-changing schedule. Kitchen contraptions hold the same problems for me, although they may cut my cooking time, prep time, or whatever other incredible claims these items offer, for me it comes down to the convenience of the actual contraption itself. If I have to get it out of its storage area in the cupboard, put it together, or find pieces that are god-knows-where in my kitchen, then it will not get used, period! 

This contraption that claims to self-prepare, cook, or magically create whatever it chooses… will in fact sit in the back of a cupboard, closet, or closed-in space and collect dust. I will not make the effort to dig it out, put it together, figure out how it works, curse when it doesn’t work, dismantle, clean, and re-store the said contraption, just for the reward of “saved” time. 

Even the simplest of gadgets goes unused in my kitchen, I remember how badly I wanted the famous “slap chop” it claimed to chop, dice and mince with ease, life would be so simple if I only had this gadget. Breakfast would no longer be a chore, I wouldn’t shed another tear over chopping onions, I could create amazingly tasty treats with simplicity. I think I used it ONCE… it is sitting in my “container” cupboard, where it has resided for the last 8 months collecting dirt, dust, and other questionable particles. Sure it’s small, it works just fine, but is it convenient for me to remember to pull it out when I need it? No! 

The same story goes for my “as seen on T.V. rotisserie.” I used this item at first, I used it a lot, in fact I used the hell out of it… I had a bigger kitchen then, more counter space, and it had a “home” on that counter….now? this poor, rather useful item sits up in a storage space gathering grime, thought of in passing as I cook a roast in the oven, but probably never to be seen again. Why? Because it is big, heavy and inconvenient to take out when needed. 

Call me lazy, I might agree, but after chasing two children around all day, cleaning, working, and whatever else may appear on my ever-growing To-do list I have a right to be lazy, I have the right to desire handiness in my kitchen… if that means I cook with an “oven” then I guess that’s how it has to be…Oh the dilemmas of the domesticated.  


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